rag trade

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makers and sellers of fashionable clothing

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uk by 6pm on October 22 with THE RAG TRADE DVD in the subject line, plus your name and address.
BOOST M&S Best of British range has helped rag trade
Step forward rag trade billionaire Sir Philip Green, who marked his 60th birthday with a party that made an Elton John bash look like a WI meeting.
Career Her breakthrough came in 1960s sitcom The Rag Trade.
They have been delving through the telly archives to uncover classic gems from Crossroads, The Rag Trade and The Liver Birds.
The 78-year-old, who made her name in the BBC sitcom The Rag Trade, will receive the honour for services to drama.
She obviously doesn't want to follow the fashionista lemmings who feel that they have to dress like the po-faced, anorexic zombies and stick insect clones we see on some of the current catwalk and rag trade world.
Nahalat Binyamin Street was once the centre of Israel's rag trade while the street's pedestrianised northern part hosts an arts and crafts market on Tuesdays and Fridays.
There was a very good reason why the threesome swapped the WAG trade for the rag trade, however.
Speculation in the rag trade is that this was a sales trip: George clothes are now so cheap that the acrylic chic can be flogged back to the poor souls who made it in the first place.
Miguel Schyfter, president of the Central American Council for the Textile industry talks with LATIN TRADE Reporter Benedicte Constans about fixing what ails the rag trade.
Precisely for that reason, Thomas Krens of the Guggenheim Museum and others who relentlessly pursue a policy of trivializing art (having already done homages to the Armani rag trade and Harley Hawg Heaven) have chosen Rockwell for the next level.
Rag trade entrepreneur Nabil Sawas stepped in to save the Karp Design business when it folded last year with debts of pounds 2m.
Clearly, the WebHouse Club's merchandising approach was a variation on the old rag trade dictum that, while individual sales might end up costing the seller money, "the volume overcomes the loss"--at least, in the short term.
He launched himself in the rag trade with a pounds 1,000 overdraft.