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a cloth doll that is stuffed and (usually) painted

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Here, she was handed PS750 to get her first order of rag dolls made and has been supported in her venture by Branson's initiative ever since.
That's until now, though, unless I'm having a senior moment, no one has dreamed up a scenario where the survivors are a raggle taggle crew of rag dolls.
BACK in Queen Victoria's or King Edward's time, rag dolls must have prevailed for the poor.
Most are too wasted to keep their balance; bodies fly like rag dolls and heads snap against the concrete, sending vibrations through the ground that I can feel in my feet.
This experience is no fun for anyone, particularly the kids who are thrown about like rag dolls because they can't reach to hold on
That hopelessness has only been accelerated by the horrific images of small children tossed like rag dolls along broken Lebanese highways and young mothers carrying babies over blood pooling in the lobbies of Haifa condominiums.
Sometimes the bull gets its own back from all that death in the bullring and gores a few slowcoaches, tossing them around like rag dolls.
Borenstein and Love bought the supplies and materials and spent four months helping the girls until they took their rag dolls home from school last week.
Activities include sponge-painting a stool, making bubblegum-wrapper chains, rag dolls, bottle-cap sculptures, decoupage boxes, a checkerboard and sewing a quilt square.
Epitaphs, with its hilarious, faceless dancers flopping and shuffling around, seemingly boneless as rag dolls, remains in the repertoire after almost fifty years, and has been revived on the present company to close its forty-ninth-season when they appear at New York's City Center.
Dawn Butterworth, from Sutton Coldfield, gave a new stereo while Peggy Quinton, from Birmingham, knitted Gemma two new rag dolls.
COLLADA Physics is the industry's first open standard data definition for physics effects including rigid body dynamics, rag dolls, constraints and collision volumes enabling data interchange between AGEIA (Novodex), Havok, Meqon, ODE and other game physics middle-ware.
com/RagHeroes Imagine you are 'speed networking' ' and sum up your business: Superhero rag dolls for boys, although little girls love them too
Kai, four, and Jacob, two, loved rag dolls but asked mum Maria, from Whitley Bay, to make them more boyish versions.
60, available at the LACMA gift shop, to the $35 official companion volume, there are plenty of merchandise tie-ins: Tut rag dolls, headdress hats and hieroglyphic magnetic poetry items.