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MIRROR IMAGE: Emily Hemming (centre) prepares for Glad Rag Day with other Mount Nod pupils Nicole Demarco (top) and Shannon White.
A student at a Midland college was badly injured when he fell under a lorry during a Rag Day procession
Margaret Berry nee Ambrick, of Meltham, remembers many of her Marsden Youth Club Rag Day girls' football team fellow members.
Two of the 1962 Rag Day team, pictured eating dry biscuits for a bet, were David Gledhill and Geoff Oldfield.
Emily, of Mount Nod, Coventry, will front the Glad Rag Day campaign, a big fundraising project for Birmingham Children's Hospital.
We believe this to be a worthy cause and hope our listeners will continue to take part in Glad Rag Day.
But he was kicked out for a Rag Day stunt and turned to broadcasting - soon winning a reputation as a troublemaker uncovering injustices.
This is this week's Nostalgia Mystery Picture: we don't have the names either of the players or of their conductor (centre) (54-0621); BRAVERY: The girls of Marsden Youth Club didn't allow a torrential downpour to put them off playing a game of mixed rugby and football on the Fall Lane pitch for the 1961 Rag Day (61-1330); CHEWY: Marsden Youth Clubbers chose to eat their way through a stack of dry biscuits for one of their fundraising pranks in Rag Week 1960 (60-2002); IN THE PICTURE: Mrs Laura Beardsall (right) with her twin nieces Muriel and Marie ran the Electric Cinema in Marsden for many years.
Hospital chief executive Colin Hough said: "We hope people will support Glad Rag Day in their thousands and help us to continue providing high quality care to children of the Midlands.
Having watched their picket line antics where they appear to be morphing back to their student rag days, laughing, singing and cheering, it must surely gall the patients whose suffering goes on because of cancelled operations and appointments.
For blacks in professional football's early years, see Joe Horrigan, "Follis Led Early Black Pioneers in Pro Football," (unpublished paper courtesy of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Canton, Ohio); Bob Curran, Pro Football's Rag Days (New York, 1969); Ocana Chalk, Pioneers of Black Sport (New York, 1975).
I even enjoy the version you get at fairs or student rag days where you get to chuck a wet sponge or bucket of slime over some poor shivering wreck, all in the name of raising money for charity.