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a foundation (usually on soft ground) consisting of an extended layer of reinforced concrete

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CHD Developers not only maintain adequate distance between two towers, but also use raft foundation in their edifices to distribute the building pressure over a large area so the soil can bear the stress of a quake.
5 m deep raft foundation of the Capital Market Authority (CMA) Tower at the King Abdullah Financial District in Riyadh.
The amount of contract is exclusive of the already awarded/completed works with regard to Pile Caps, Slab on Grade and Raft Foundation.
An announcement here on Thursday said that the piling works at Crescent Bay are well in progress and consequently the construction of raft foundation has started.
A simple raft foundation with a simple arrangement of columns is chosen for the first exercise and comparison between the following methods:
The analysis of raft foundation has undergone various developments, and currently it is being analyzed with sophistication by incorporating the interaction between structure, raft and soil including time dependent non-linear behaviour.
Smith says the only properties that they won't touch are modern town houses (because supporting such tall, narrow structures is so difficult), and modern terraced houses that are built on a raft foundation (because they can't be individually underpinned).
00 metre staging providing RAFT FOUNDATION and columns as per approved designs and drawings.
The raft foundation and three basements plus waterproofing took four months to complete.
Summary: BEIRUT -- Damac Properties has completed the raft foundation for its iconic Damac Tower in Beirut, Lebanon.
The pavilion sits on a removable cast in-situ concrete raft foundation.
Meanwhile, WME Consultants said it will be focusing on pushing the boundaries on foundation design by introducing soil structure interaction to increase efficiency in the design of pile raft foundation on all its projects.
Damac Properties, one of the largest private developers in the Middle East, said it has completed the raft foundation for its iconic 'Al Jawharah Tower' in Saudi city of Jeddah.
The house is essentially a large, single storey volume, raised up half a level on a raft foundation, with a garage and workroom at ground level.
Saudi Readymix said it poured 11,500 cu m of readymix concrete in a continuous flow for one-and-half days into the four and half meter deep raft foundation of the CMA Tower.