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You mustn't do that before the coffee and liqueur," said Raffles laughing.
In answer to your first question - Lord Lochmaben," replied Raffles, blowing bracelets of smoke toward the ceiling.
Carruthers; without a doubt these Lochmabens would use it for the same purpose; and in the altered circumstances I had no hesitation in giving Raffles all the information he desired.
Thank you, old chap," said Raffles sympathetically.
A hundred and thirty-nine yards from this to the open street," said Raffles, "not counting the stairs.
Nor should I care to be seen wearing one of the rings; but the greatest fraud of all (from the aforesaid standpoint) is assuredly that very cup of which Raffles had spoken.
It may have been the thing of beauty that Raffles affected to consider it, but I for my part was in no mood to look at it in that light.
He looked sternly at Raffles, and Raffles looked merrily at him.
said Raffles, turning back his head as he opened the door.
Raffles, walking with the uneasy gait of a town loiterer obliged to do a bit of country journeying on foot, looked as incongruous amid this moist rural quiet and industry as if he had been a baboon escaped from a menagerie.
Raffles on most occasions kept up the sense of having been educated at an academy, and being able, if he chose, to pass well everywhere; indeed, there was not one of his fellow-men whom he did not feel himself in a position to ridicule and torment, confident of the entertainment which he thus gave to all the rest of the company.
The paper with which he had wedged it was a letter signed Nicholas Bulstrode, but Raffles was not likely to disturb it from its present useful position.
And I was wondering how much of his leniency was owing to the fact that Raffles had not forgotten it either, when he stopped and stood over my chair once more.
Exactly," said Raffles, nodding to himself, as though in assent to some hidden train of thought; "exactly what I remember of you, and I'll bet it's as true now as it was ten years ago.
Then I must; but I'm bound to say I don't like the idea, Raffles.