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Synonyms for raffishly

in a rakish manner

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Raffishly ogling the ladies - playing up to the bewitched adoration of Titania, while burdened with a donkey's head, and joking with his fellow thespians and testing his director Quince's (astutely portrayed by Steve Vineberg) patience - Cobb is a dominating presence on the stage grass of Green Hill Park.
Penelope had justified doubts about whether John could tolerate her independence and her type of bohemianism, which was nomadic and eremitic, where his was raffishly social.
What has been created is a fantasy village, built around a central plaza in which the swimming pool is located, well-landscaped and raffishly charming.
Cheerfully, David recalled the astigmatism in one of his eyes which was exacerbated by his habit of painting with a cigarette planted raffishly in the corner of his mouth.
Richard Whiteley who had a rather short, shabby to-do over the summer is headlined, rather raffishly,Twice Nightly Whitely.
Wrapped in their luxury coats, raffishly tousled by the big-city winds, Jake, Doug, and Micky stride across Chicago's bridges, the iron ringing under their well-shod feet.