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a housing for a radar antenna

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The radome will support both ViaSat's 30 cm Ku-band antenna and its advanced Ka-band antenna separately or in a dual configuration.
This study focuses on both electromagnetic and thermo-mechanical optimal design for high-temperature broadband radome wall with symmetrical graded porous structure.
For high speed applications, the radome structure must provide appropriate weight, mechanical performances and thermal shock resistance.
A dielectric radome is placed in front of the antenna to protect the system from various environments.
The model A3250 utilizes a SMA connector for easy installation and is available with an optional radome.
A radome is necessary for the protection of the antenna elements and an aerodynamic transition from the antenna face to the air stream.
Nasdaq:CRDN) announced that it has been awarded a $342,000 research phase I contract by NAVAIR, China Lake, California, to develop a next-generation high-performance ceramic missile radome ("nose cone").
Business aviation customers are normally required to install the Honeywell JetWave hardware for Jet ConneX with a fully approved Ka-band optimised radome.
Louis work on hybrid Ku-/Ka-Band Radome for Gulfstream
The antenna consists of an aluminum disk and a Lexan polycarbonate radome which houses the patch element.
The flat plate or dish behind the radome is thus painfully apparent to search radars.
5" and includes a conductive baseplate with an integral protective radome.
Damage to the radome can ultimately result in the radar system becoming impaired and/or inoperable If a defect is accurately located, a variety of repairs are possible.
Meggitt will design and produce a high performance radome assembly for in-flight connectivity, while KID-Systeme was selected by Embraer to provide the SKYfi Club a wireless streaming onboard platform for commercial and executive aircraft.