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a cruciferous plant of the genus Raphanus having a pungent edible root

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Leaf yellowing and rolling with slight crinkling was observed in radish plants in Oman, indicative of a begomovirus infection.
Total leaf area (TLA), individual leaf area (ILA), SPAD index (SPAD) and shoot fresh matter (SFM) of radish plants under different organic fertilizers Treatments TLA ILA SPAD SFM ([cm.
Reductions in chlorophyll synthesis were also observed in Cd and Pb treated radish plants (Zaman and Zereen 1998), Cd treated soybean plants (Walley 2005), and Cu and Mn treated rice plants (Hajiboland and Hasani 2007).
Hamza MA, Aylmore LAG (1992b) Soil solute concentration and water uptake by single lupin and radish plant roots.
7) show that the unprimed-stressed radish plants accumulated glycinebetaine (GB), which was increased with increasing NaCl level, while the interaction of priming with salinity resulted in a relative depression in this accumulation, compared with this control which was more pronounced with C.
The concentration of Cd in the radish plant parts was quantified after digestion of dry plant material as described by Netondo et al.
Hamza MA (1989) Studies of the effect of solute concentration on water uptake by single lupin and radish plant roots using computer assisted tomography and liquid ion exchanger microelectrodes.
Last year, I used radish plants in AP Lab 9 (Transpiration), and by the time we started Lab 11 the plants were quite mature.
Our current findings are consistent with our previous studies where inhibition of plant biomass was observed in Cd and Pb treated radish plants (Zaman and Zereen 1998).
At the completion of the pot trial (6 weeks), the whole radish plants were harvested by removing them from the individual pots.
The leafy radish plants provide shade for the tiny emerging carrots and later as you pull and eat your radishes, more space is provided for the growing carrots and onions.
Radish plants and water fleas that soup up their defenses pass the weaponry down to their offspring, even in experiments where the danger has been removed.
I link these three levels (plant responses, resistance, and defense) in the study of induced responses to herbivory in annual wild radish plants.
Paternity of seeds(*) following two-donor pollinations where pollen was applied as a mixture or as adjacent pollen loads on stigmas of three wild radish plants.