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(medicine) the treatment of disease (especially cancer) by exposure to a radioactive substance

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Rashid Oozeer, Chief Medical Physicist at Amethyst Radiotherapy, says: "Amethyst Radiotherapy is helping to satisfy the demand for radiation therapy treatment in Europe as it opens new clinics and furnishes existing sites with the most advanced radiotherapy equipment and software.
In their report, the Commission details how a persistent underinvestment in radiotherapy globally has diminished access, and describes the substantial health and economic benefits of investing in radiotherapy.
This new arrangement will mean cancer patients from the Albury-Wodonga region can access the highest quality radiotherapy treatment for free, and closer to home.
Importantly, it will mean Velindre will continue to treat patients in Wales who need stereotactic radiotherapy, rather than them having to travel to England.
Nick Wadd, South Tees Hospital NHS Foundation Trust's clinical director for radiotherapy and oncology, said: "SABR delivers extremely high doses of radiation with very high precision and side effects are minimal.
The group analyzed outcomes for 8,135 women enrolled in 22 studies, randomized to receive radiotherapy to the chest wall and regional lymph nodes after mastectomy and axillary surgery, or to receive the same surgery with no radiotherapy.
What's special about your group The QE Hospital has the largest radiotherapy department outside London and children from all over the country come to us for radiotherapy treatment.
The Versa HD radiotherapy machines, are designed to improve patient care and treat a broader spectrum of cancers.
In an attempt to reduce this surgical selection bias, patients were analyzed by radiotherapy and surgical candidacy using their original treatment intent.
The researchers analysed the radiotherapy treatment plans of 1145 patients with early breast cancer who had previously had breast-conserving surgery.
The new "Varian True Beam linac), funded by the Welsh Government, is set to streamline the radiotherapy process, by bringing together the imaging and treatment systems, and offering new approaches to radiotherapy such as "Rapid Arc" treatment where the machine moves around the patient reducing the time a patient spends on the treatment bed.
The brave four-year-old, who has neuroblastoma, will undergo Intensity Modulated Arc Radiotherapy - one of the most sophisticated radiotherapy treatments available worldwide - for the next three JKeela, weeks at University College Hospital in London.
Sally Roberts, 37, a New Zealander who lives in Brighton, East Sussex, said she feared that radiotherapy would cause long-term harm to her son Neon, and argued that "credible" alternative treatment was available.
Mr Justice Bodey dismissed Sally Roberts's attempt to prevent radiotherapy treatment being given to her son, Neon and expressed concern over her decision-making regarding the child's welfare.
Summary: A woman who does not want her son to have radiotherapy treatment will find out if she has won her high court fight