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(medicine) the treatment of disease (especially cancer) by exposure to a radioactive substance

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com)-- MEDraysintell releases a new report covering the most promising radiopharmaceuticals (radiodiagnostics, radiotherapeutics and radiotheranostics) currently in clinical stage development which have the highest chances to reach the market by 2024-2026.
While traditional I-131 MIBG has demonstrated clinical activity in neuroblastoma in the past, it contains cold contaminants that compete with the active radiotherapeutic molecules binding to receptor sites on tumor cells.
regulatory approval for a new radiotherapeutic kit product for the treatment of thyroid cancer and hyperthyroidism followed by the launch of the product into the U.
Radioactive waste is any matter, such as glassware, contaminated with radioactive diagnostic material or radiotherapeutic materials.
unresectable skull base and cervical spine tumors and choroidal melanomas) for which charged-particle therapy is more advantageous than traditional radiotherapeutic techniques.
For example, about 15 years ago, intensity modulated radiotherapy, a radiotherapeutic technique that allows modulation of the radiation beam intensity to enable better conformity to the contours of the target or tumour, was not commonly used around the world, she said.
The patient is being treated for rectal cancer using Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) at the Radiotherapeutic Institute (RISO) in Deventer, the Netherlands.
This pocket guide aimed at oncologists, physicians, and nurses offers information in a bulleted format on diagnosis, surgery, and radiotherapeutic and chemotherapeutic treatment of breast cancer, including staging, monoclonal antibody therapy, genetic aspects, and prevention.
International contributors to 16 chapters review emerging alternatives in endoscopic, surgical, chemotherapeutic and radiotherapeutic treatment options.
In addition, each patient prior to therapy received ZEVALIN labeled with a tracer dose of indium-111, which allows the physician using dosimetry to predict the biodistribution of the yttrium-labeled radiotherapeutic agent.
Selected Regulatory Elements in the Development of Protein and Peptide Targeted Radiotherapeutic Agents
Electronic auction: provision of maintenance services for the x-ray therapeutic apparatus t-200, the irradiator of the radiotherapeutic cobalt terabalt - 100 for 2018
17 January 2012 - US cancer and hepatitis treatment specialist Novelos Therapeutics Inc (OTCBB:NVLT) on Tuesday said it had recruited its first patient in a Phase Ib study of its cancer-targeted molecular radiotherapeutic compound (131)I-CLR1404 (HOT) in patients with advanced solid tumours.
This resource for clinicians reviews recent progress made in the surgical, radiotherapeutic, and chemotherapeutic management of squamous cell head and neck cancer, with particular emphasis on the coordination of these treatment modalities.
Nasdaq:DITI), which affords Diatide exclusive rights to tumor imaging and certain anti-cancer radiotherapeutic products based on Angstrom's uPAR targeting technology.