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telephony that uses transmission by radio rather than by wire

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Radiotelephony in English is International Air Law, so for pilots whose first language isn't English, workload is increased by 25% as they have to concentrate in English as well as fly the plane.
Finally within this group, Ana Bocanegra Valle's interesting work on Maritime English offers an overview of the way in which communicative interactions in English occur between seafarers when transmitting and receiving information via radiotelephony, a necessary area to scrutinize, since many shipping accidents have their origin in misunderstandings through VHF communications.
Open Joint Stock Company Vimpel-Communications (VimpelCom) (NYSE: VIP), a provider of wireless telecomms services in Russia and CIS, announced on Friday (20 April) that according to official information from Federal Communications Agency, VimpelCom became one of the winners in the tenders for three licenses for provision of IMT-2000/UMTS (3G) mobile radiotelephony communications services.
Transport, Air Traffic Services, takes delivery of its Raytheon FIRSTplus system later this year (under a contract awarded in 2004), it will be equipped to train controllers in ground, tower, terminal, radar/en-route and procedural control, as well as ATC radiotelephony and phraseology.
The new radio features certain options normally found only on manpack models; such as including embedded Internet Protocol (IP) networking, embedded text messaging, GPS automatic position reporting and radiotelephony capabilities.
The disembodiment (and the possibility of re-embodiment) of voice inherent in radiotelephony seems to entail a rupture in the synchronization of the speaker and the sounds s/he produces.
Note that Home Power is not only off the grid and uses wind and solar power exclusively: it's also beyond the phone lines, and uses radiotelephony.
As with long distance generally, the equal access provision will reduce these vertical foreclosure possibilities--and future competition in radiotelephony will reduce them further, most likely making this a nonexistent problem.
AT&T could sell broadcast transmitters to outsiders and reserved the right to use radiotelephony for hire.
In technical terms, this is known as full-duplex radiotelephony.
Nineteenth-century spark radio technology, whose origins Aitken detailed in his earlier Syntony and Spark (1976), made possible radiotelegraphy, but continuous wave radio technology, developed at the biginning of the new century and the subject of this book, gave rise to radiotelephony and eventually to popular broadcasting.
Never before has there been a more fully integrated and complex business as cellular radiotelephony, which will let subscribers become truly mobile, allowing them to place calls, at will, anywhere in the country,' notes and enthusiastic Martin Cooper.
For example, ICE has been accredited in Portugal for use by NAV Portugal for English language radiotelephony assessment.
Today, radiotelephony or communication by means of Very High Frequency (VHF) radio--remains the most common option when communicating through speech with other ships and with shore-based facilities with a variety of purposes and within a range of 40 to 2000 miles.
The two words are taken from the Nato Phonetic Alphabet - O and I - used by the military, police, emergency services, maritime and aviation radio operators, more formally known as the international radiotelephony spelling alphabet.