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Synonyms for radiotelegraph

telegraphy that uses transmission by radio rather than by wire

the use of radio to send telegraphic messages (usually by Morse code)

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Twenty-nine countries adopted the first International Radiotelegraph Convention.
Guglielmo Marconi patented the radiotelegraph system around 1895, only fourteen years prior to the passage of the 1909 Act.
Under s 1(1), "broadcasting" is defined as "the dissemination of writing, signs, signals, pictures and sounds of all kinds, intended to be received by the public either directly or through the medium of relay stations, by means of, (a) any form of wireless radioelectric communication utilizing Hertzian waves, including radiotelegraph and radiotelephone, or (b) cables, wires, fibre-optic linkages or laser beams.
British physicist, who perfected the 'coherer' - a radio wave detector for early radiotelegraph receivers.
A telephone line was installed to Mayo in 1923, which connected with a radiotelegraph link to Dawson and 'outside' (the south).
By this time, the European Allies were replacing the spark equipment with radiotelegraph equipment using vacuum tubes.