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Synonyms for radio

medium for communication

transmit messages via radio waves

indicating radiation or radioactivity

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This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Land Mobile Radio (LMR) Systems in US$ Million.
Dylan will host a weekly radio show starting in March on XM's album-rock channel Deep Tracks (XM Channel 40), featuring songs from the singer's personal music library, plus interviews, commentary and listener input.
However, the computations needed to pluck the signals from the ambient radio static remain too sophisticated and time-consuming to be feasible in emergency workers' radios, Koepke says.
On January 20, 1995, for the first time in the history of the Federal Communications Commission, a federal judge refused to grant the agency an injunction to shut down an unlicensed radio station.
CAMBRIDGE, England -- Reciva Limited, the global leader in Internet radio and Digital Media Player technology, today announces the launch of Stingray, its integrated hardware and software module solution for interactive DAB, Internet radio, Digital Media Player and FM-RDS products.
The spoken word finally has a home," said veteran morning radio personality Rick Dees.
The expansion of MSN Direct to HD Radio is part of Microsoft's Smart Personal Objects Technology (SPOT) initiative.
Cognitive radio technology integrates computational intelligence into software-defined radio for embedded intelligent agents that adapt to RF environments and user needs.
The citizens were instructed and continually reminded to use the low-power (half-watt) setting on their FRS radios, to adhere to pertinent FRS regulations.
Timeless Radio can do more than traditional Internet radios because it handles all media types and because of its simplicity of use, it is designed to provide the best user experience.
There are millions of 'Family Radio Service' or 'FRS' radios already in use by the public for camping, boating, and hiking, and there are 675,000 licensed ham radio operators in America -- people renown and prepared for emergency communications.
The Cognitive Radio concept is commonly referred to as 'the next step up' for software defined radios emerging today," said Bruce Fette, Ph.
Aeras Networks, a leading manufacturer of next-generation, license-free microwave radio systems for broadband applications, today announced two new families of radios as part of its WaveLink line of wireless solutions.