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protection against harmful effects of radiation

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Silymarin is well known for its hepatoprotective abilities and has been evaluated for inherent utility as a radioprotective agent (Adhikari et al.
In addition to its antineoplastic potential, it has been reported a radioprotective effect of Ukrain against high-dose radiation exposure [9].
In the same study, by the use of animal models exposed to whole body gamma irradiation, it has been observed that the pretreatment with DHZ significantly increased the endogenous antioxidant enzymes and reduced the radiation-induced mortality, thus demonstrating a relevant radioprotective activity of DHZ associated to its antioxidant properties.
The colony formation assay revealed that caffeine displayed radioprotective effects on RT4 cells in response to low-dose radiation compared to the radiosensitization effects on T24 cells.
A Radioprotective effect of silymarin against radiation induced hepatotoxicity.
In clinical application, FA has been reported to exert potential health benefits like anti-inflammatory, antiatherogenic, antidiabetic, antiageing, neuroprotective, radioprotective and hepatoprotective, all these benefits attribute to its strong antioxidant activity (Srinivasan et al.
There are dietary antioxidants that exhibit radioprotective effects that limit hematopetic cell death in animals receiving moderate exposure of whole body proton irradiation (Sanzari et al.
Antioxidant and radioprotective activity of POLY-MVA against radiation induced damages.
The breast: In-plane x-ray protection during diagnostic thoracic CT-shielding with bismuth radioprotective garments.
There is an urgent need to find radioprotective molecules to prevent and treat body contamination.
Despite that amifos-tine (32) has a high level of evidence on its radioprotective effect in radiotherapy, its usage is not common because of the potential side effects such as hypotension, rush, nausea and vomiting, toxic epidermal necrolysis (33).