radiopaque dye

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dye that does not allow the passage of X rays or other radiation

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Radiopaque dye may be delivered to the area to help the physician see the exact location of the blockage.
The VUEPORT Guiding Catheter is specially designed to temporarily occlude the coronary sinus, which is the main venous, or draining blood vessel in the heart, allowing the physician to inject radiopaque dye which will show the vasculature of the heart during x-ray.
Cohen and Rentrop injected a radiopaque dye into the hearts of 21 patients getting coronary angiplasty and used X-rays to wacth the dye backflow into the blood-starved area.
These include glucose, protein, and certain radiopaque dyes.
Since specific gravity or refractive index as measured by a refractometer is a measure of dissolved substances in solution, the presence of glucose, protein, or radiopaque dyes will act to raise the specific gravity when measured with the refractometer as compared with reagent strips.