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not transparent to X-rays or other forms of radiation



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multi-lumen tubing, IV catheter tubing with radiopaque stripes, micro cannulas for insulin delivery, and spooled beading (rod) for lumen support.
Radiopaque compounds typically include 30 percent to 40 percent barium or bismuth filler to provide fluoroscopic visibility of catheters within blood vessels; however, these fillers are not designed to improve strength properties.
This solution provides significant advantages when compared with existing striped radiopaque catheters, which offer less x-ray visibility and may require multiple manufacturing steps and materials to produce.
3) The selection of the radiopaque filler used will depend on where in the body the material is being used and the energy level of the fluoroscope or x-ray equipment being used.
This is designed to provide accurate placement due to catheter shape, and the location of its sideholes and first radiopaque marker, which can be readily placed at the level of the renal artery.
Cohen and Rentrop injected a radiopaque dye into the hearts of 21 patients getting coronary angiplasty and used X-rays to wacth the dye backflow into the blood-starved area.
All Vector[TM] balloon catheter sizes are rated for up to 30 atmospheres of pressure and are radiopaque when deflated or inflated.
M2 PHARMA-April 1, 2016-BTG Launches Radiopaque Embolic Bead in US Market
a manufacturer of polymers for medical devices, has introduced the Lopro Plus line radiopaque compounds reinforced with nanoparticles for improved pushability of thin-wall catheters.
Computed tomography (CT) of the sinuses detected a cystic mass in the right maxillary sinus that contained a radiopaque structure (figure, A).
When imaging the chest, ally radiopaque artifact in the area of interest can compromise the diagnostic quality of the image.
The Pinnacle R/O II HiFlo also features a radiopaque marker band 5 mm from the tip for enhanced visibility, a laminar flow sheath housing with a 45-degree side tube take-off to improve flow dynamics and a detachable three-way stop cock.
Radiopaque Compounds, specialty thermoplastic compounds capable of absorbing radiation, can be formulated to be visible under X-ray imaging or as a shield to protect people from X-ray generating sources, reports RTP Co.
The firm is a developer and manufacturer of radiopaque polymer formulations for medical applications.