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meter to detect and measure radiant energy (electromagnetic or acoustic)

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Containing over 100 illustrations and more than 260 equations, this resource for practitioners explains how to design and build radiometer systems used for sensing the surface of the Earth.
Since the C-series calorimeter was developed and as the demand for higher accuracy continues, we have more recently developed a measurement service based on a cryogenic radiometer as a primary standard; the Laser Optimized Cryogenic Radiometer (LOCR).
DH Denmark Holding ApS, a Danish subsidiary of the US process controls, tools and components maker Danaher Corporation, announced on Thursday (15 January) that it had received regulatory clearance to acquire the Danish blood gas equipment provider Radiometer A/S.
However, notes Radiometer, because they are made of PETG (polyethylene-terephthalate glycol), they pose no risk of breakage.
The second calibration temperature level can be produced by a noise source (NS) and injected into the radiometer input, as shown in Figure 2.
Microwave emission is illustrated from the vantage point of an aircraft radiometer flying at 0.
The Advanced Microwave Radiometer is part of the Jason-3 mission and was successfully launched January 17.
Five portable BLa analysers (Lactate Pro, Lactate Pro2, Lactate Scout+, StatStrip[R] Xpress[TM] Meter and The Edge) and one point-of-care analyser (i-STAT) were evaluated concurrently against a criterion blood analyser (Model ABL90, Radiometer, Copenhagen, Denmark).
com)-- Intertronics, with sales partner DYMAX, have released the new ACCU-CAL[TM] 150 - a simple to use radiometer which offers accurate, repeatable measurement of UV light.
Previously, Stanley served as director of marketing and then national director of corporate accounts at Roche Diagnostics as well as working in sales, marketing and management roles at Abbott Diagnostics, Chiron Corporation and Radiometer.
in 2011 [5] presented that the airborne hyperspectral microwave radiometer could bring significantly improvement in accuracy and resolution of the retrieved atmospheric profile.
10 April 2013 - US diagnostic information services firm Quest Diagnostics Inc (NYSE:DGX) said it had finalised the divestment of its HemoCue diagnostic products unit to Danish Radiometer Medical ApS.
Synthetic aperture interferometric radiometer (SAIR) was introduced in the late 1980s as an alternative to real aperture radiometers for earth observation [1].