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almost complete transparent to X-rays or other forms of radiation

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It also eliminates the risk of allergic reactions to heavy metals, and its radiolucent properties will not interfere with X-ray and computed tomography scanning procedures.
US-based medical products maker AliMed has launched its InvisiCoat radiolucent patient positioners for use with diagnostic imaging procedures, the company said on Tuesday.
Indications of this complication include radiolucent lines on imaging tests, and such loosening may cause pain and issues with mobility, often requiring the patient to have an additional surgery.
introduces the VERSALOK[R] PEEK, a nomnetallic, self-punching rotator cuff anchor that is 100 percent radiolucent and knotless.
A patented composite carbon-fiber top provides excellent radiolucent equivalency of 0.
MammoPad is a radiolucent, FDA-cleared foam cushion that covers the cold, hard surfaces of all commercially available mammography equipment.
Tenders are invited for neurosurgical low height radiolucent surgical table with accessories
Indications of loosening include radiolucent lines on imaging tests, which are large gaps between the device and bone.
Radiolucent construction for imagine, with a narrow column and generous longitudinal slide allowing for 100 percent access for the C-arm and surgical team without patient reorientation.
PEEK, which is radiolucent, allows clinicians to monitor the healing progress with X-ray images, a process that can be obscured by standard radiopaque metal implants.
Radiolucent carbon fiber abductor bars that provide unobstructed imaging capabilities and versatile positioning of the patient's lower extremities according to his/ her size and treatment requirements.
18] The pagetoid, or "ground-glass," pattern is the most common (56% of all cases); it appears as a mixture of dense and radiolucent areas of fibrosis.
Contract award: supply contract "therapeutic digestive endoscopy unit consists of: endoscopic tower, mobile radiology unit with arm c, radiolucent operating table, monitor, electrocautery with plasmargon"
The availability of accessories made of radiolucent carbon fiber for intra-operative x-ray diagnosis specifically adapted to pediatric needs.
Radiolucent, suitable for use in Cardiac Cath Labs, Radiology Departments and Emergency Rooms.