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almost complete transparent to X-rays or other forms of radiation

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4,12,14) The radiographic appearance is nonspecific and may appear as a well-demarcated or ill-defined radiolucency, with or without calcifications.
Radiographs will show a radiolucency at the apex of the infected tooth.
Orthobone also ensures that RHAKOSS has a similar radiolucency to natural bone, allowing surgeons to readily assess the success of the cervical spinal fusion procedure.
The Calix PC provides the benefit of a metallic surface while preserving the desirable qualities of PEEK, namely bone-equivalent modulus and radiolucency.
16) Some studies, however, have also shown radiolucency around the central peg, and there is concern that the flanges may not represent the best long-term surface for bone fixation.
Peek-Optima HA Enhanced shares all of the material properties that originally made PEEK-Optima Natural an ideal material for spinal interbody fusion devices, including a modulus similar to that of cortical bone and radiolucency, allowing visualization of the fusion mass, according to a Cutting Edge Spine news release.
These images may reveal a radiolucency outlining the bladder wall with or without luminal gas.
Most lesions appear as an area of either diffuse or well-circumscribed unilocular or multilocular radiolucency in a honeycomb pattern (snowstorm appearance).
The porous coating abutted the resected portion of the tarsometatarsal bone with no radiolucency evident.
However, Seow and Hackley demonstrated that the radiolucency became evident after crown development is complete.
Radiographically, CGCG may appear as a unilocular or multilocular radiolucency, the latter exhibiting internal bony septa (4,5,6).
113) This sign represents a large ovoid radiolucency extending in a cephalocaudal axis within the abdomen.
Occasionally, subtle localized radiolucency may be seen around the maxillary alveoli and adjacent to the incisor teeth apices with rare displacement or divergence of the root apices.
Because of their radiolucency, ceramic brackets may not be detected on radiographs if aspired.
However, radiographs of Pb-exposed animals demonstrated a marked increase in radiolucency within the fracture callus compared with controls (Figure 2D-F).