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almost complete transparent to X-rays or other forms of radiation

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Some probable consequences of dental trauma could be misshaping, speech defects, pulp necrosis, apical radiolucencies, partial or total pulp calcification, root resorption and marginal periodontal bone loss.
also detected radiolucencies on x-ray images of cracking joints and hypothesized that they represented bubble formation in the midst of a vacuum created by joint tension or distraction.
Differential diagnosis of radiolucencies within the jaws can include many different conditions.
Various aetiologies of pre-eruptive intra-coronal radiolucencies have been suggested over the years, originally proposed by Skillen [1941].
Marked improvements were seen in the radiographic appearance of rickets in three infants, with increased mineralization, resolution of radiolucencies, physeal narrowing, and less flaring.
Tibial radiolucencies were observed in 35% of patents, and radiolucencies around the talar component in 8%.
There is no patognomonic features of mandibular metastases, most of them may be osteolytic and appear as radiolucencies, like in our case; less frequently, they can be osteoblastic and appear radiopaque.
These include generalized osteoporosis, unilocular or multilocular cystic radiolucencies in bone (Brown tumor), attenuation or loss of lamina dura surrounding the teeth, and calcifications in muscles and subcutaneous tissues (Figs.
In particular, radiolucencies in the metaphysis of long bones and pathological fractures that mimic those seen in this patient with congenital syphilis have also been described in patients with congenital rubella, highlighting the importance of serological tests to confirm the diagnosis.
Radiographs showed radiolucencies in the bone surrounding the extraction site.
The dental hygienist should thoroughly evaluate all areas in the survey, beyond bone level and caries, noting changes in trabecular patterns of bone, as well as other abnormal radiolucencies and radiopacities.
radiolucencies in the affected bone and soft-tissue swelling around joints.
Clinical abnormalities for the 1 1 infants with CRS included congenital heart disease (nine), deafness (six), purpura (four), long bone radiolucencies (four), cataracts (three), thrombocytopenia (three), hepatosplenomegaly (two), intracranial calcifications (two), encephalitis (one), microcephaly (one), failure to thrive (one), seizures (one), and disseminated intravascular coagulation (one).