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almost complete transparent to X-rays or other forms of radiation

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Intra-coronal radiolucencies within unerupted teeth: case report and review of the literature.
Zonal analysis revealed no evidence of any further progressive radiolucencies.
The patterns of the radiolucencies seen may be linear, curvilinear, small bubbles, or collections of larger cysts.
Radiologic studies typically demonstrate a poorly defined, ground-glass-type lesion; in the polyostotic form, multilocular radiolucencies may be seen.
Radiographically, the tumors presented as poorly marginated radiolucencies (Figure 1).
From these two cohorts of patients, we performed a clinical evaluation that included Harris hip scoring, survival rates, complication assessments, and a radiographic evaluation for any failures or changes in component alignment or progressive radiolucencies.
The radiograph reveals no pathologic root resorption nor obvious furcal or apical radiolucencies.
11) On radiographs of the skull, the speckled radiolucencies look like scattered salt and pepper (Figure 11).
2] Larger lesions have presented as multilocular radiolucencies, some of which are associated with embedded teeth.
Anteroposterior and lateral radiographs of the pelvis and hip were analyzed for component position, migration, and radiolucencies.
It has also been proposed that radicular radiolucencies relating to primary teeth are often neglected [Shear 1992].
Additionally, radiographic zonal analysis was performed for both acetabular and femoral components, with assessment for any progressive radiolucencies, malalignment, or changes in component position.
However, in this same study, the investigators reported a 73% (11/15) rate of radiolucencies, a 40% (6/15) rate of component migration, and an 87% (13/15) rate of moderate to severe arthritic changes in adjacent tarsal joints.