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immunoassay of a substance that has been radioactively labeled

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Effect of albumin concentration on the assay of serum free thyroxin by equilibrium radioimmunoassay with labeled thyroxin analog (Amerlex Free [T.
Each fraction was then characterized and quantified by agarose gel electrophoresis and brevetoxin radioimmunoassay, respectively.
This was the radioimmunoassay form of ligand assay.
These latter antibodies were first incorporated into radioimmunoassays (12) and then into enzymatic immunoassays (17), both of which have shown high affinity for brevetoxins.
Notwithstanding the advent of radioimmunoassay, the laboratory continued to be world renowned for its urinary assays and attracted large contracts, principally from Harvard University for studying risk factors in breast cancer and from Family Health International for studying the return of fertility during breast feeding.
Six direct radioimmunoassays of estradiol evaluated.
We measured serum levels of GH, corticosterone, and total testosterone with radioimmunoassays as described previously (28-30), using commercial antibody kits (Diagnostic Products Corporation, Los Angeles, CA, USA) for GH, corticosterone, and testosterone.
Diagnostic products are TRUQUANT(R) radioimmunoassays, which are designed to assist in early diagnosis and Tru-Scint(R) radioimmunoimaging compounds, which identify locoregional disease.
Methods A, B, and C were radioimmunoassays using an antibody to SHBG and an antibody to [gamma]-globulin.
World's largest hair analysis drug testing company establishes another first: FDA approval of immunoassays that are equivalent to radioimmunoassays.
Interference from human anti-rabbit antibodies has been documented for two-site immunoassays and radioimmunoassays for several hormone assays as well as for creatine kinase MB (3-8).
Development of specific radioimmunoassays for the measurement of human hepatic basic and N/A2b glutathione S-transferase.
Statistical Quality Control and Routine Data Processing for Radioimmunoassays and Immunoradiometric Assays David Rodbard Numerous methods are available for the graphical display of radioimmunoassay dose-response curves, for curve-fitting and dose interpolation, for statistical quality control, and for automation and computerization of data processing.
Development of sequence-specific radioimmunoassays against porcine triacontratriapeptide cholecystokinin.