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opacity to X-rays or other radiation

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On the corresponding VD view, testes could be seen as undefined rounded structures with increased radiodensity superimposed by the liver/GITshadow.
Both constituents meet the internationally accepted standards for radiodensity and specific gravity).
These changes likely account for the brittle quality of the weakened epiphysis in LCP, seen as increased radiodensity on imaging.
1) Accordingly, Lim et al (18) found out that anatomical benchmarks with low radiodensity, such as point A, tend to be less reliable to identify in computed radiography.
In vitro analysis of the radiodensity of indirect composites and ceramic inlay systems and its influence on the detection of cement overhangs.
The contrast media was a solution of polyethylene glycol (PEG 200, Scharer and Schlapfer AG, Rothrist, Switzerland) and iopentol (Imagopaque 300, GE Healthcare, Basel, Switzerland) in a mixture ratio of 10:1 (mean radiodensity, 600 Hounsfield units [HU]).
This notion does not take into account that a computer disposes only of the data that have been obtained as a result of radiodensity averaging of the tissue layers encompassed by the X-ray beam.