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not transparent to X-rays or other forms of radiation



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Laterolateral radiograph of a mixed-breed male mallard duck--tympaniform bulla (black arrow), physiologically-sized active testes (T), radiodense vessels (white arrows).
The differential diagnosis of sinonasal pathologies with highly radiodense materials includes rhinolith, mycetoma, inverted papilloma with calcifications, chondrosarcoma, osteosarcoma, and fibro-osseous lesions.
Increased bone density without modifcation of bone shape Osteopetrosis precocious type Generalised AR delayed type Type 1 uniform AD intermediate type Type 2 endobones with renal tubular Generalised AR AR acidosis Similar other types Axial osteosclerosis osteomesopyknosis Focal sclerosis AD AR with bamboo hair in vertebrae/pelvis Pycnodysostosis Generalised AR Osteosclerosis Cortical AD Stanesu type thickening of long bones, defcient facial sinus development Osteopathia striata Radiodense SP XLD isolated with striations on all cranial sclerosis bones with cranial sclerosis Sponastrime Striated AR dysplasia metaphysis Melorheostosis Flowing SP hyperostosis Osteopoikilosis Radiodense spots AD Mixed sclerosing Combined pattern SP bone dysplasia 2.
Haematomas appear on chest radiographs as radiodense opacities overlying the chest wall.
Radiographs exhibit a thin peripheral outline of radiodense enamel, and low or absent cusps.
The major differential diagnostic considerations in cases of widespread focal round or oval radiodense lesions are osteopoikilosis, osteoblastic metastases, mastocytosis, and tuberous sclerosis.
Osteosarcoma typically appears as a bone-forming, radiodense destructive mass.
Radiodense glandular epithelium and connective tissue also interfere with early diagnosis of breast cancer by hiding mammographic abnormalities, explained Dr.
Radiodense glandular epithelium and connective tissue also interferes with early diagnosis of breast cancer by hiding mammographic abnormalities, said Dr.
It is an autosomal dominant syndrome of excessively curly hair, enamel dysplasia, and radiodense bones.
A cell phone could not produce reactions on the skin, much less deep in brain tissue, which is surrounded by radiodense bone.
patent application, protecting therapeutic agents based on a novel radiodense analog of its lead therapeutic product PV-10, from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).
Whole-body radiographic findings revealed a poorly defined gastrointestinal tract, radiodense granular and linear material in the caudal abdomen at the level of the ventriculus, and possible large intestine distension (Fig la).