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a chemist who specializes in nuclear chemistry

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15]O, is performed with a 123-second half-life contrast agent, which requires collocation with a cyclotron and a radiochemist.
Neither is practiced by the radiochemist, but by the environmental chemist and the organic chemist, each of whom can learn the problems of working with radioactive nuclides.
From the onset, and specifically throughout 2003-04, Duerk and the other imaging faculty knew the critical component of implementation was still not fulfilled--the human capital investment and intellectual knowledge needed for success--recruiting a top-level radiochemist and a support team of leading MD/Ph.
They point to a statement by Donald Barr, a retired Los Alamos radiochemist with over 50 years of nuclear testing and related experience: "Deep burial of a nuclear device, combined with gas blocking techniques, virtually eliminates the seepage of noble gases to the surface, though some such gases might occasionally be detected, but only at the surface above the detonation point.
All these technologies are considered specialist areas in their own right, and can be very challenging and require close collaboration between the subject matter specialists and the radiochemists.
We radiochemists have a whole suite of elements that we consider radioactive.