radioactive waste

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useless radioactive materials that are left after some laboratory or commercial process is completed

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Under the bill, hazardous and radioactive waste management refers to the identification, listing, collection, segregation, storage, transport, recovery, reuse, processing, reprocessing, treatment and disposal of hazardous and radioactive wastes.
At present, the report says, liquid radioactive waste is preserved in containers in two repositories.
The criteria for storage of radioactive waste is laid down by PNRA in its regulation PAK/915 "Regulations on Radioactive Waste Management".
It will be the third time that vitrified radioactive waste will be brought back from Britain.
Materials scientists, chemists, and power engineers explore some current and possible avenues for dealing with the radioactive waste that nuclear power plants produce.
The European Commission points out that management of spent fuel and radioactive waste is ultimately the responsibility of the member states but that the directive creates a "solid" European framework that includes important obligations on states.
The heavy-handed legislation seeks to give Resources Minister Martin Ferguson the power to establish Australia's first purpose built national radioactive waste dump at Muckaty, north of Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory.
Hospitals are a major source of producing biomedical and radioactive waste.
But any decision is likely to provoke a howl of protest from locals who do not want to live next to a radioactive waste storage facility.
The Committee on Radioactive Waste Management has been set up to advise the Government on how to deal with the 470,000 cubic metres of radioactive waste the UK will produce in the next 100 years.
Over 100 years, the UK will have produced 470,000 cubic metres of radioactive waste.
To the dismay of local activists, two federal agencies have started to consider new rules that could allow various types of low-level radioactive waste to be deposited in hazardous-waste or even municipal landfills rather than special dumps.
Protests against proposals for radioactive waste facilities occurred in the UK during the 1980s, notably in eastern England, and in the 1990s in Germany, against storage and disposal proposals at Gorleben; and opposition is currently being mobilised against the decision to manage the USA's wastes at Yucca Mountain in Nevada.
To the south, Kazakhstan has just closed down a former Soviet weapons testing site, and Kyrgyzstan is trying to rid itself of radioactive waste from an old Soviet uranium processing plant.
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