radioactive dating

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measurement of the amount of radioactive material (usually carbon 14) that an object contains

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radioactive dating A technique for measuring the age of a material based on the spontaneous breakdown of a radioactive nucleus into a lighter nucleus.
Today, of course, we have nonastronomical indicators of time, such as radioactive dating methods and atomic clocks.
We can now take a more detailed look at some of the radioactive dating methods with particular regard to the assumptions listed above.
Both are faiths and interpret the same rocks, fossils and radioactive dating methods etc - all open to huge error.
Similarly, physicists and paleontologists were developing new insights into atomic theory that would yield better ways of dating bones and artifacts, such as the carbon-14 radioactive dating method.
It had been about a century and a quarter since Hutton had said that he saw no sign of a beginning to Earth's history (see 1785), but now at last radioactive dating looked like a technique that might yield such a sign.
Using the argon-argon radioactive dating method, their age was determined to be younger than 3.
Radioactive dating of the sandstones directly atop the ancient ejecta layer indicates that the impact occurred about 1.
GEOLOGISTS have long used radioactive dating to measure the ages of rocks, and in a few cases astronomers have been able to do that for individual stars in the Milky Way's halo (S&T: May 2001, page 23).
But, in March, Chinese scientists revealed that using a new radioactive dating method, Peking Man may have lived 200,000 years earlier.