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not transparent to X-rays or other forms of radiation


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It is used to assess any obstruction in the renal tract, either radiolucent or radio-opaque.
Intraoral or occlusal view plain radiographs might be used to identify radio-opaque stones; 80-94.
4 Range 5-36 [less than or equal to]10 n 25 (47) >10 n 28 (53) Stone location Renal pelvis n 17 (32) Calix n 30 (57) Upper n 6 (11) Middle n 11 (21) Lower n 13 (25) Together n 6(11) Stone number Single n 33 (62) Multiple n 20 (38) Stone opacity Radio-opaque n 22 (42) Radiolucent n 31 (58) Stone side Right n 22 (44) Left n 25 (50) Bilateral n 3 (6) Shock waves per session Mean 1219[+ or -]262 Range 500-2000 Shock Wave Lithotripsy power (kV) Mean 12.
Plain film of the abdomen showed multiple air fluid levels with a radio-opaque shadow in the pelvis.
3] For instance, in a report of 13 patients with a retained sponge the radio-opaque marker inside the sponge was seen in only 9 radiographs and even then was not immediately recognised for what it was.
Radio-opaque marked swabs are used almost routinely in theatre practice today.
C T scan showed an opaque gallbladder with dense radio-opaque material in its lumen.
As the radio-opaque metallic tip is seen emerging from the ureteric dilator, the guide wire is removed, leaving the J stent in optimal position.
A plain abdominal radiograph showed a radio-opaque string as well as a whorl-like opacity (Fig.
Automatic detection of radio-opaque markers defining the breast
Silpuran AUX 8250 RO is a silicone masterbatch containing a barium sulfate contrast medium for formulating silicone compounds for radio-opaque tubes and catheters.
My second concern is that breast implants are radio-opaque.
Those radio-opaque beads allowed the team to see how the bats' muscles contracted and lengthened as they beat their wings.
However, there is concern that implants, which are radio-opaque, may limit our ability to diagnose malignancies at an early stage using screening mammography.
All patients should have a plain radiograph of the affected foot to look for bony abnormalities, soft-tissue gas, and radio-opaque foreign bodies.