radio-frequency spectrum

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the entire spectrum of electromagnetic frequencies used for communications

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The radio-frequency spectrum is increasingly in demand from a large and growing number of services such as fixed, mobile, broadcasting, amateur, space research, emergency telecommunications, meteorology, global positioning systems, environmental monitoring and communication services - that ensure safety of life on land, at sea and in the skies.
The primary goal of the ITU/WMO seminar was to provide a forum to exchange information about meteorological and radio-frequency spectrum management services and authorities on the use and development of radio-based space and terrestrial systems and applications employed for weather, water and climate monitoring, and the relevant radio frequency spectrum management activities.
Rahul Sarpeshkar, associate professor of electrical engineering and computer science, said the chip, designed to mimic the cochlea, is faster than any human-designed radio-frequency spectrum analyser and operates at much lower power.
I suppose he asked me because I maintain an active interest in the radio-frequency spectrum policy, various organizational configurations, and technological operational details associated with land-mobile communications in Southern California.
The legislative package proposed by the Commission in July 2000 contained several provisions concerning harmonisation of radio frequency spectrum use:- the proposal for a framework Directive (COM(2000)393 of 12 July 2000) permitting the Commission to require a Member State to amend or withdraw measures envisaged (notably regarding the use of the spectrum) if they run counter to the policy objectives of the new framework;- the proposal for a Decision on a regulatory framework for the radio-frequency spectrum (COM(2000)407 of 12 July 2000) provides a mechanism for harmonising the assignment and conditions for non-military use of the radio frequency spectrum.
SETI uses huge radio antennas, sophisticated digital receivers, and computers to scan the radio-frequency spectrum in an attempt to detect non-random signals.
ITU, through ITU-R, coordinates the global use of the radio-frequency spectrum, including the development of binding international treaties governing spectrum use.
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