radio-controlled aircraft

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an aircraft without a pilot that is operated by remote control

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Senior Land Surveyor Li Yuk-kwong briefed the media on the system today, which uses radio-controlled aircraft.
Episodes feature commentary on radio-controlled aircraft (e.
Radio-controlled aircraft were all the rage in the mid-1960s and with the advent of the microprocessor the hobby became a real business, allowing hobbyists to fly four-engine scale replicas of aircraft like the B-17 that are, in the end, as large as a Piper Cub.
The first for pounds 1,300 was used to buy items to improve the club's facilities including a range of radio-controlled aircraft equipment, IT equipment for its presentation evenings and a battery powered electric fence to prevent cows from straying on to the landing strip.
He attended the Sturbridge Worship Center, was a radio-controlled aircraft enthusiast, and he enjoyed spending time on Cape Cod.
Hobbies: Holds a private pilot's license; flies radio-controlled aircraft
Debbie's grandfather flew over Pikes Peak in 1927, and the children fly radio-controlled aircraft.
Additional activities will include flying exhibitions by World War I radio-controlled aircraft, era automobiles on display and participating in a parade, period re-enactors in a war encampment setting and a "swap and shop.
Piloting radio-controlled aircraft is as much a social occasion as a sport or hobby for these flight enthusiasts.
Photo: Plaza will be site of kite trials, radio-controlled aircraft flights, and tests of other homemade flying objects
Applications range from automobiles, radio-controlled aircraft, enclosures and electronic equipment to robots, sculptures and musical instruments.
A radio-controlled aircraft was downed in the operations in the area of al-Panorama and a number of terrorists were killed, in addition to destroying their fortifications.
The school also put up an attractive Aero modelling Display in which young boys manoeuvred radio-controlled aircraft models in the air.
Ever since a drone - a pilot-less radio-controlled aircraft - crashed on the White House lawn last January, the US government has been besieged with demands to regulate and control the use of drones.
8220;Beyond the Flightline” focuses on using radio-controlled aircraft (e.
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