radio transmitter

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transmitter that is the part of a radio system that transmits signals

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For the past two decades an anonymous voice that comes over radio transmitters in the Gulf has been shrouded with a laughable mystery.
Researchers immobilized this male with a tranquilizing dart, then tagged its tusk with a radio transmitter that tracks the animal's migration patterns.
com makes a bold claim--that it can send prayers via a radio transmitter to God's last known location, a star cluster called M13, believed to be one of the oldest in the universe.
The Radio Communications Agency and Scottish police are currently investigating the theft of a radio transmitter that has resulted in hoax instructions being given to pilots at Edinburgh Airport in Scotland.
The group uses a MIDI microcomputer and radio transmitter, a three-dimensional set of laser beams manipulated by the dancers to trigger music and video, and interactive set pieces that adjust theatrical lighting in response to the dancers' contact.
However, the model MS8604A digital mobile radio transmitter tester combines a modulation analyzer, a high quality 8.
The other four towns each had one radio transmitter.
Contract Awarded for , Trt Istanbul Directorate, Tepebasi Studio Ortakoy Service Building, amlica Tv / Fm Transmitter Station, Bursa Chief Engineering, Catalca Radio Transmitter Station Building Park-Garden and Outdoor Areas of Machinery, Equipment and Material Must Be General Cleaning.
Summary: Muscat: Oman Radio started the operation of the radio transmitter station in the wilayat of .
Once the quiz trail has been successfully completed, it is possible to work out the code to signal for a rescue from a radio transmitter, located at the end of the maze.
But a falconer found the bird in his garden and contacted police, who attached a radio transmitter to the pigeon and tracked its flight home.
The kite carries a tiny radio transmitter, which allows Keith and other kite officers throughout the UK to track the movements of the birds.
UK communications provider ntl's Broadcast division has switched on its 250th digital commercial radio transmitter.
Accompanying the images is a sound track culled from the clank and drone of machines, peppered with disembodied voices speaking in Russian, punctuated by the clicks and beeps of a radio transmitter.