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Thirteen automotive manufacturers have committed to factory installation of HD Radio receivers in their vehicles: Audi, BMW, Ford, Hyundai, Jaguar, Kia, Land Rover, Lincoln, Mercedes, MINI, Mercury, Scion and Volvo.
Silicon Labs' Si468x Digital Radio Receivers are available from Mouser Electronics in a 7mm x 7mm 48?
With HD Radio receiver, T43H completes rich multimedia systems.
And this week, Holden worked with NASA to obtain simultaneous observations by the ALEXIS radio receiver and video cameras on the space shuttle mission.
While satellite radio remains the leading platform for digital radio in the US, We believe that this increased consumer awareness of HD Radio will be a primary driver of HD Radio receiver shipment growth.
The proven, patented digital architecture of the Si472x transceiver combines the functionality of the Si470x FM radio receiver with the Si471x FM radio transmitter in a single 3x3x0.
The Si473x is the first fully integrated AM/FM radio receiver from antenna input to audio output in a single monolithic IC.
In Europe, primarily the United Kingdom, digital audio broadcasting is the pervasive form of radio, with DAB radio receiver shipments outpacing analog radio receiver shipments this year.
Car Digital Radio Familiarity Reasons for Owning or Not Owning a Satellite Radio Receiver Interest in Digital Radio Features Purchase Prices Digital Radio Integrated Circuit (IC) Suppliers Frontier Silicon Philips Silicon Labs STMicroelectronics Texas Instruments Conclusion Methodology Technology Adoption Panel (TAP) Survey Related Reports Offices List of Tables Table 1.
The Company's patented and patent-pending True Software Radio(TM) technology defines the electrical conductivity of semiconductors and how the electrical conductivity is controlled, so that wireless signals are converted directly into digital data by the radio receiver and are converted directly from digital data into wireless signals by the radio transmitter.
The BlueCore device is part of the company's 5th generation silicon and is also the first product from the BlueMedia roadmap, incorporating a sensitive FM radio receiver in a small, single-chip design.
Here's the list of some 34 new model year 2017 cars that, according to DTS, will feature HD Radio receivers.
NRAO and the Naval Research Laboratory have joined forces to put a system of low-frequency radio receivers on 10 antennas of the Karl G.
The Industrial market report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape of the Television and Radio Receivers, Sound and Video Recording Devices market at a national level.