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To date, portable radio receivers traditionally utilize two or four 1.
The first radio receiver to display QR Codes tied to over the air content
With HD Radio receiver, T43H completes rich multimedia systems.
ST's end-to-end solution combines the base-band receiver (STA680) with the RF front-end IC (TDA7706) and extends the functionality of HD Radio receivers with novel features that include Conditional Access Support and Dual Channel Application (HD Radio 1.
Coby's new HDR-700 Portable HD Radio System is the first-ever cordless HD Radio receiver.
And this week, Holden worked with NASA to obtain simultaneous observations by the ALEXIS radio receiver and video cameras on the space shuttle mission.
Currently an HD Radio receiver is a factory-installed option on all new BMWs and MINIs.
While satellite radio remains the leading platform for digital radio in the US, We believe that this increased consumer awareness of HD Radio will be a primary driver of HD Radio receiver shipment growth.
The HD Radio receiver expands ST's rich portfolio of digital radio products, complementing the Company's existing AM/FM tuners to deliver an optimized end-to-end solution for combined analog-and-digital radio broadcasting.
Industry First Combines FM Radio Receiver and Transmitter in a Single Chip
With a HD digital radio receiver from RadioShack, customers have access to crystal-clear, static-free reception and subscription-free local programming they've previously not been able to hear through standard radio receivers.
The Si473x is the first fully integrated AM/FM radio receiver from antenna input to audio output in a single monolithic IC.
These digital broadcasts provide listeners radically improved sound quality and more FM channels at no cost, when using an HD Radio receiver.
We are excited to be the first tabletop HD Radio receiver on the market, and we look forward to bringing the Boston Sound(TM) to consumers of digital AM and FM radio.