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an observation made with a radio telescope

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I will give an overview of radio observations of supernovae and their remnants, discussing interferometric observations of Galactic supernova remnants with telescopes such as the VLA (and, in future, MeeKAT) and also discussing Very Long Baseline observations of extra-galactic supernovae.
Based on early optical and radio observations of SN 2011dh, some researchers claimed that the actual progenitor must have been a blue compact object and the detected YSG star could have been a companion of the exploded star, or even an unrelated object that matched the projected supernova location by chance.
The airborne observation team also will provide JAXA with data and images obtained during the flight to correlate with JAXA's ground optical and radio observations and assist in locating the capsule on Earth.
British astronomer Martin Ryle builds an interferometer for making radio observations of space.
For example, Spitzer helped confirm an arc-like feature rising more than 11,000 light-years above the disk, which was seen in the radio observations.
I will discuss radio observations of molecular gas in two populations of starforming galaxies at high redshift (selected based on their rest-frame ultraviolet and far-infrared emission) and what we can learn from them.
There is also a small number of observers who continue to make forward scatter radio observations of meteors using transmitting stations in Eastern Europe.
Most tantalizing is what these radio observations might reveal about the early universe--in particular, the epoch before there were any stars and the period during which the stars ignited.
Without these X-ray and radio observations, we wouldn't know these apparently static galaxies in reality are still evolving due to the interaction with their central black holes.
The black hole in question was known to be active, but the team's radio observations did not show any jets, and the X-ray spectrum didn't reveal anything unusual.
Previously, astronomers had to rely on a cumbersome combination of indirect optical and radio observations using multiple telescopes to study the galaxies.
3'W), but was able to carry out radio observations using two digital AM/FM car radios.
The researchers plan to get higher-resolution radio observations with the Very Large Array radio telescopes near Socorro, N.
Radio observations were made by the GBT, the Parkes radio telescope, the Australia Telescope Compact Array, and the Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope.
Using X-ray observations from the Chandra X-ray Observatory and radio observations from the Expanded Very Large Array in New Mexico they watched two black hole systems until their feeding frenzies ended.