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an observation made with a radio telescope

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com/radio-emissions-perseus-galaxy-cluster-provide-new-insights-its-mini-halo-2551965) Radio Observations Of Perseus Galaxy Cluster Provide Insights Into Its Mini-Halo
The team plans additional radio observations in 2019 or later to pin down precise orbital parameters.
To further investigate the object, the team followed up with an 83-minute exposure using NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory and additional radio observations from the Australia Telescope Compact Array (ATCA), located near the town of Narrabri in New South Wales.
The magnetic field around a young protostar can be wildly chaotic, new radio observations have found.
Previous radio observations have revealed that a gaseous disk about 700 a.
I will achieve the first science goal using Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) radio observations.
These new radio observations, which are the highest sensitivity of their kind ever undertaken, reveal that within a well-defined boundary around our Galaxy, dwarf galaxies are completely devoid of hydrogen gas; beyond this point, dwarf galaxies are teeming with star-forming material.
Most of what astronomers know about the far side of the galaxy comes from radio observations of hydrogen gas.
I will give an overview of radio observations of supernovae and their remnants, discussing interferometric observations of Galactic supernova remnants with telescopes such as the VLA (and, in future, MeeKAT) and also discussing Very Long Baseline observations of extra-galactic supernovae.
Based on early optical and radio observations of SN 2011dh, some researchers claimed that the actual progenitor must have been a blue compact object and the detected YSG star could have been a companion of the exploded star, or even an unrelated object that matched the projected supernova location by chance.
Writing in the July 1st AstrophysicalJournal, Oscar Morata (Academia Sinica, Taiwan) and colleagues present radio observations supporting the idea that brown dwarfs arise the same way.
Ee Intriguingly, the gamma-ray delay is about a day longer than radio observations report for this system.
I will discuss radio observations of molecular gas in two populations of starforming galaxies at high redshift (selected based on their rest-frame ultraviolet and far-infrared emission) and what we can learn from them.
There is also a small number of observers who continue to make forward scatter radio observations of meteors using transmitting stations in Eastern Europe.
British astronomer Martin Ryle builds an interferometer for making radio observations of space.