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a signal transmitted along a narrow path


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When gas from the disk falls to an altitude of about 50 miles (80 km), processes involved in creating the radio beam are either shut down or, more likely, obscured.
1964 Inaugurated transcontinental microwave radio beam system,
Contract notice: Supply And Maintenance Of A Computerized System Of Receiving Emergency Calls, Decision Support, Transmission Of The Alert And Alarm Centers Of Staff, And Management Of Different Interventions Including Related Subsystems: Radio Beam Network, Departmental Alarm Network.
Like a radio beam guiding airplanes through the clouds to find a runway, performance feedback helps sales reps find their targets.
The Earthward radio beam reaches different depths in Venus' atmosphere as the spacecraft moves, so researchers can use it to calculate differences with altitude.
Purchase and installation of a radio beam person counter
Even the mere existence of Galileo's radio beam, independent of whatever scientific data it carries, will be valuable, letting researchers measure subtle changes in the craft's trajectory and thus determine Earth's mass more accurately than has been possible with any past spacecraft.
Such gaps may be created when the sun blocks the craft's radio beam to Earth.
But that could be because Pioneer Venus spent most of its time orbiting too high for its Earthbound radio beam to go through the ionosphere.
Measurements made by aiming Voyager's earthward radio beam thorugh the rings indicated that most of the particles were more like boulders a meter or more in size, according to G.
The most basic tools of ATC are radar and radios: -- Primary surveillance radars (PSRs) reflect radio beams off of aircraft.
Together, these antennas transmit radio beams to ILS receivers aboard the approaching aircraft which are then used to determine the aircraft's position.
What will happen in many poor countries without electricity whose wind-up wirelesses give them the freedom they have not had before to listen to our radio beams without hindrance?