radio beacon

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a characteristic signal emitted by a transmitter used for navigation

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a radio station that broadcasts a directional signal for navigational purposes


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DTSIL), the manufacturers of RADIO BEACON, notes, "Our software accommodates all warehousing needs of those distributing to the retail marketplace, delivering compliance labels and optimizing the pick-packship routine.
com offers "Cockpit Voice (Black Box), Towed Pinger Locator, Distress Radio Beacons, Flight Data Recorder Market by Application (Commercial, Military, UAV's) by Geography(North America, Latin America, The Middle East, APAC, And Europe)- Forecast and Analysis to 2014 - 2020" global research report in its store.
A final Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) signal was received from the ship at about 10:30 a.
An Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon is built to exacting standards and with its own internal battery is designed to operate in the harsh marine environment for at least 48 hours.
Their automatic radio beacon was set off and a Mayday signal sent thousands of miles to Falmouth Coastguard in Cornwall.
He was found by a United States coastguard helicopter which had tracked his emergency radio beacon.
The search was triggered after anElectronic Positioning Radio Beacon (EPIRB) fitted to all life rafts was set off automatically and picked up by the coastguard satellite at Falmouth and Kinloss.
The EPIRB, an emergency radio beacon, also failed to go off when the Honeydew II got into trouble.
Guests are advised to bring avalanche gear - a radio beacon, shovel and probe.
Like souped up lighthouses, millisecond radio pulsars rotate hundreds of times a second, sending out a radio beacon that sweeps across the sky.
Last but not least, an Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) signaling device that will beam your location to rescuers should be attached to the raft or in your ditch bag.
Mr Kirk was found by a United States Coastguard helicopter which had tracked his emergency radio beacon - which rescuers claim may have saved his life.
The previous night's hunt was launched after the trawler's emergency indicating positioning radio beacon went off, alerting the Rescue Co-Ordination Centre at Kinloss.
An automatic radio beacon also alerted Securicor's HQ that one of their crew was in trouble after the van hit the hole with such force that its rear doors burst open.
June 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- ACR Electronicsshares a first: within just six months a SurvivorClub replacement Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) saves a crew of three and their dog from the raging seas of the North Atlantic.