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omnidirectional antenna comprising the part of a radio receiver by means of which radio signals are received

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More recently, the group installed a radio antenna less than 0.
The four master TV antennas and one master FM radio antenna were designed to accommodate all of the over-the-air TV & FM broadcasters in the Tri-state market in both analogue and digital formats.
5- metre high mast and radio antenna on their premises on St Asaph Business Park,but the Employers' Engineering Federation, who are based next door, say it will interfere with the satellite signal needed to bring broad band to their premises.
Federal Aviation Administration officials are currently conducting an investigation into the sabotage of a federal radio antenna used to guide aircraft over Oakland County.
National Grid, the Coventry-based high voltage power line operator, and mobile phone start-up Hutchison 3G have agreed to share electricity pylons to use as radio antenna sites.
The signal from its eight-watt transmitter is now so weak that even the world's largest radio antenna - a 1,000ft dish at an observatory in Puerto Rico - could not detect it.
CAMBRIDGE, England -- Antenova Ltd, the integrated antenna and RF solutions company, adds two new surface mount GPS RF Antenna Modules to its market leading RADIONOVA([R]) range of GPS radio antenna modules for embedded GPS and M2M applications.
Tenders are invited for Radio Antenna Installation Parts (Annual Contract)
Magellan's scientific potential hinges on its ability to resolve surface features as small as 120 meters across--about 10 times better than that achieved in previous radar studies by the Soviet Union's Venera orbiters and by the huge Arecibo radio antenna in Puerto Rico.
For example, the researchers are quantifying the effect of touching a metal radio antenna to ventilation ducts, pipes, or other metal debris in the wreckage.
Mechanics, when MWO 1-1520-237-50-76 installed the AN/ARC-220 high frequency radio antenna, it told you that the mast compression sleeves and coupling nuts needed only a snug tightening with an adjustable wrench, NSN 5120-00-264-3796, or equivalent.
The apparatus snagged on a radio antenna as cosmonauts on board the Mir space station tried to move it from a cargo ship by remote control.
The M10382 is a surface mount GPS Radio Antenna Module incorporating the u-blox 6 GPS chipset with Antenova's high performing GPS antenna, which also utilizes the latest Laser Direct Structuring (LDS) technology, in a small 24.
On November 22, 2006, Mexico's outgoing president, Vicente Fox, dedicated the Large Millimeter Telescope, a 50-meter (164-foot) radio antenna on the summit of the 4,580-meter peak Sierra Negra in southeastern Mexico.
I first encountered Bromley on a street near my house when she was listening intently to her earphones while twirling a radio antenna.
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