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Synonyms for radio

medium for communication

transmit messages via radio waves

indicating radiation or radioactivity

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Raytheon Unveils Analysis Software in Project 25 Radio System 39
What do those 9 million satellite radio fans actually get for their dough?
Figuring out what to do about this problem, however, takes precise measurements of the attenuation of radio waves by different materials in various ordered or disordered arrangements.
At a moment when a relational aesthetics celebrates encounters, meeting places, and unresolved trajectories that hover between a here and a there, radio celebrates the porous nature of sound and resurfaces as a relevant and lively platform for contemporary art to find new ways to flourish.
Often the creative element behind good farm radio is humor.
The next year, they launched Almic Broadcasting, Radio One's predecessor, and purchased their flagship station, WOL-AM.
He scorns not only corporate radio but also mainstream non-commercial broadcasting, dismissing it for its increasing political correctness and its reliance on government subsidy and corporate underwriting.
Since 1959, the agency has tried to protect scientists by setting aside a few small slivers of the radio spectrum.
Reciva is established as the global market leader in internet radio technology.
Take a look at the countless stations listed at iM Networks, the Internet Radio List or Web Radio, where powerful search engines pull up multiple radio sites in whatever format you might be interested in sampling.
Instead, the entire sky appears thickly speckled with sources of radio waves in locations that rarely match the positions of visible stars.
The clarity of HD Radio technology allows FM stations to be enjoyed with CD quality sound and boosts AM quality up to that of FM sound.
Such mistakes are rare today, especially in cities like Los Angeles where the top-ranked radio station - KLVE-FM (107.
Companies Collaborate to Deliver Rich Data Services on HD Digital Radio Format to Smarten Everyday Objects