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Synonyms for radio

medium for communication

transmit messages via radio waves

indicating radiation or radioactivity

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XM and Sirius discovered you can't build a growing franchise on various kinds of music, no matter how good it is, uninterrupted by commercials,'' said Fred Jacobs, president of Jacobs Media, the largest radio consulting firm in the country specializing in rock formats.
And it only stands to reason that radio communication in a matrix of rubble would become even tougher: A collapse compacts radio-stopping materials into a thicker, more radiopaque barrier.
New developments in the materials and languages of art often call for readjustments in how curators and institutions develop an interface for it, and Resonance joins several other art radio-station initiatives in pursuit of a novel type of exhibition space: Vienna's Kunstradio, a weekly program on the city's ORF radio station, has been broadcasting since 1987.
Rule number one in radio advertising is it's pretentious for us to think that someone wants to listen to our spots," Hailer jests.
Indeed, she couldn't have taken on the task of building Radio One solo without them.
In the two years since it was launched, Free Radio Berkeley has increased its airtime from three hours a week to 24 hours a day, attracting about 40 volunteers and a growing listenership in the process.
But like HBO, satellite radio feeds the eclectic taste a lot of people have in ways regular TV and radio no longer can.
Radio astronomers have been able to make such discoveries because the skies remained free of noise for much of this century.
In Bid4Spots' reverse auctions, radio stations compete for advertisers' dollars and bid the ad rates down.
But traditional radio will never go away, says Randy Michaels, chief executive of Clear Channel, the nation's largest radio conglomerate, adding that regardless of the system of delivery, listeners will always seek out compelling talent.
In stark contrast, radio sources typically represent tremendous outpouring of energy from objects 5 billion or more light-years away.
Reciva-enabled Internet radio products have dominated the market place for over two years and established a robust and mature Internet radio platform capable of playing the vast majority of all Internet radio streams broadcasts.
Such mistakes are rare today, especially in cities like Los Angeles where the top-ranked radio station - KLVE-FM (107.
The clarity of HD Radio technology allows FM stations to be enjoyed with CD quality sound and boosts AM quality up to that of FM sound.
Beginning March 18, visitors to the city's newest cultural addition - the Museum of Television & Radio in Beverly Hills - will be able to plop down in a comfy chair and hear the evolution of rock 'n' roll radio from Alan Freed to the rise of the alternative-rock format.