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make more radical in social or political outlook

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Regarding the Islamic State, the FBI, DHS, and NCTC are striving to understand the motivations driving people to radicalize and join terrorist groups in Syria.
The Sway of the Negative, thus, does not lead Hegel's philosophy beyond itself, to a philosophy other than Hegelian, but unearths, as it were, and radicalizes an alternative principle that the author finds within the Hegelian text, albeit as abandoned.
Clinton should have remembered from his Vietnam years and Gore from writing his now-debased environmental book that the last people you want to radicalize in the United States are ordinary families.
This empirical study, which examines all those arrested in Spain for jihadi terrorism activities over the four-year period between 2013 and 2016, quantitatively assesses the importance of these two factors and sheds light on why some individuals radicalize while many more with similar demographic and social characteristics, in the same country, do not.
We have not registered a complaint against the girl because she is a minor and she did not radicalize others," Barge told TOI.
Gerovski says that this government could radicalize the relations with Kosovo which could directly affect Macedonia that is still not a NATO member.
His principal finding is that "groups with similar motivations innovate by radicalizing as a result of selective concessions to their fellow groups, and copy yet de-radicalize as a result of collective concessions to their fellow groups," while "groups with competing motivations innovate by de-radicalizing as a result of selective concessions to their competitors and copy yet radicalize as a result of collective concessions to their competitors.
Few days ago, Rafiz Aliti perceived himself as a factor that can radicalize the situation and destabilize the country.
Successive administrations went further in arming and training and inadvertently helping to radicalize elements of what would become Al Qaeda.
Intermediaries--charismatic individuals--often help persuade previously law-abiding citizens to radicalize or even become violent jihadists.
In his prepared opening remarks, obtained by The Associated Press, King said Al-Shabaab is "engaged in an ongoing, successful effort to recruit and radicalize dozens of Muslim-American jihadis, who pose a direct threat to the U.
Critics fear the ex-prisoners will radicalize German Muslims, who make up 5 per cent of the country's population.
After the 48-hour deadline that the former workers of former "Jugohrom", current "Silmak", set to Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski for a meeting expired, the approximately 1,800 workers announced that they would radicalize their demands this week by holding mass protests and blocking streets near the government building.
BDI leader Ali Ahmeti said Monday that Albanians in Macedonia would not radicalize themselves if the name issue was not resolved soon.
As he tracks the various regimes and protests he detects a pattern and asserts that regime liberalization organizes civil society and that acts of state-sponsored repression radicalize society.