radical hysterectomy

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surgical removal of the uterus and the ovaries and oviducts and cervix and related lymph nodes

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The disease was at stage 4 and therefore radical hysterectomy was prepared for the patient and performed removing parameters and 1/3 of proximal vagina.
A case control study of robot-assisted type III radical hysterectomy with pelvic lymph node dissection, compared to open radical hysterectomy.
After an overview of current research, chapters examine areas such as the effect of antihormonal agents on the cytotoxicity increase of anticancer drugs, novel gentle therapies for patients with uterine cervical cancer, nerve sparing radical hysterectomy, and predictors of radiation response.
I have undergone loop electrosurgical excisions, lasers, multiple biopsies, and (in 2005) a radical hysterectomy.
Intubated ureterotomy for ureteral obstruction following radiotherapy and radical hysterectomy.
The standard surgery for visible early cervical carcinoma is a radical hysterectomy with pelvic lymph node dissection.
Radical hysterectomy (removal of cervix, upper vagina, uterus and ligaments that support them)
ART uses the same technique as a radical hysterectomy with one modification: The connection between the gonadal vessels and the fundus is maintained, ensuring a blood supply.
The important thing is to have an expert carefully review the pathology specimen, examine and counsel the patient, and then evaluate all treatment options rather than assuming that a radical hysterectomy is the only answer," said Hernandez.
She keeps the one-liners airborne, even as she details undergoing a radical hysterectomy and what life (and sex) is like after cancer.
Typically doctors can get about an 85 percent cure rate by treating such women with primary therapy such as a radical hysterectomy -- removal of the uterus, cervix and nearby tissues.
And she adds: "I was warned that there was a risk of miscarriage during the operation and that, if the baby survived, I would have to have a radical hysterectomy as soon a it was safe for my baby to be delivered.
3%) were submitted to a radical hysterectomy after fertility-sparing conization and 3 women (10%) declined.
Then I was told they thought I had a tumour and would need a radical hysterectomy - but it had already spread to my lymph nodes so I had to have chemo and radiotherapy.