radiation syndrome

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syndrome resulting from exposure to ionizing radiation (e.g., exposure to radioactive chemicals or to nuclear explosions)

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The products add to the available treatment options in the Strategic National Stockpile for acute radiation syndrome.
KEY WORDS: Acute radiation syndrome, Mesenchymal stem cell, Bone marrow, Healing, Survival, Mouse.
Asked if there was anything in Mr Litvinenko's clinical history inconsistent with acute radiation syndrome, Dr Cary said: "No.
Ludwik Dobryzinski notes that according to the UNSCEAR 2008 report, (1) 19 survivors of acute radiation syndrome (ARS) after Chernobyl died during the period 1987-2006, not 22 as stated by Orient.
However, Dr Abdullah Bashir said that the outcome of the Russian report on the levels of the radioactive substance and the development of Arafat's illness does not give sufficient evidence to support the decision that polonium-210 caused acute radiation syndrome leading to death.
Pluristem is pursuing several indications for which clinical trials and preclinical studies are underway, including intermittent claudication, muscle regeneration, critical limb ischemia, Buerger's disease, and acute radiation syndrome.
4 million in federal funding for development of cell-based therapy for treatment of acute radiation syndrome (ARS).
By injecting MSCs into damaged tissue or infusing them into the blood stream, the therapy appears to have muted damage or cured such diverse conditions and disorders as acute heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, tendonitis, juvenile diabetes, radiation syndrome, arthritis, amyotrophic lateral syndrome, burns, wounds and more.
From Chernobyl 50 emergency rescue workers died from acute radiation syndrome and related illnesses, 4,000 children and adolescents contracted thyroid cancer, 9 of whom died whilst the total number of evacuees from contaminated areas eventually reached 350,000 that time.
The increase in research and development expense reflects the acceleration of our Pulmonary Acute Radiation Syndrome (Lung-ARS) program and manufacturing of compound for our planned oncology study in 2011.
Other PREP Act declarations cover certain vaccines, antimicrobials, antitoxins, drugs, diagnostics or devices used to identify, prevent, or treat smallpox, anthrax, botulism, or acute radiation syndrome.
If a one-kiloton nuclear device exploded in New York City, it would kill or sicken millions of people because there are no effective and non-toxic treatments for victims of acute radiation syndrome.
In "Twenty years after"--A March report estimated 4,000 cancer deaths from the Chernobyl accident in addition to deaths from acute Radiation Syndrome.
Interferon-gamma in 5 patients with cutaneous radiation syndrome after radiation therapy.
Serious accidents have been documented: In Goiania, Brazil, four people died in 1988 from acute radiation syndrome, and 28 suffered serious radiation burns.