radial pulse

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pulse of the radial artery (felt in the wrist)

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AGE product accumulation is also associated with carotid radial pulse wave velocity, intima media/carotid artery diameter ratio, and capillary flow percentage change during occlusion.
HR was obtained by a study investigator from a radial pulse count or continuous ECG monitoring at the time Sp[O.
The two examination procedures consisted of: 1) A 5 minute HRV exam using a Biopac Heart Rhythm Scanner (Version 1, Clinical Edition, Biocom Technologies, Poulsbo, WA); and 2) Two manually-palpated radial pulse measurements, each taken over a 15-second interval, 15 seconds apart.
Transbrachial catheterization was performed only if the radial access failed or radial pulse was feeble.
Post-operatively patient had complete resolution of vertigo symptoms, cyanosis of the left hand and had a good radial pulse.
Not to greet them, but to check their radial pulse.
Please see page 4 of the TEACHING NOTES for the correct way to take your radial pulse.
When I arrived to help and could not find a radial pulse, I took a ballpoint pen from my pocket and began to vigorously stimulate Governor Vessel 26.
Unilateral weak radial pulse in a patient with systemic sclerosis: Takayasu's arteritis or thoracic outlet syndrome?
In order to avoid over inflation of the cuff, and to accommodate any systolic auscultatory gap, the clinician should estimate a maximum inflation point by palpating the radial pulse while incrementally inflating the cuff until the pulse disappears.
I'd be able to check their radial pulse and do CPR to keep them going until the ambulance arrived.
IF patient radial pulse is weak, THEN get the patient blood pressure.
Rafey, measuring the central aortic BP takes about five to 10 minutes; a cuff is placed on the arm, and the pulse-wave velocity is measured with a tonometer, a small, wand-like instrument, that is placed on the radial pulse at the wrist.
On examination, he was noted to have paraesthesia in his right hand, an absent radial pulse and capillary refill of four seconds.