radar fire

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gunfire aimed a target that is being tracked by radar

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In July 1948, laboratory personnel visited North American Aviation to discuss the possibility of mounting a pod-contained radar fire control system in an F-86.
Features of the Block 52+ include an AN/APG-68(V) 9 radar fire control system and a Sniper Extended Range pod, which is an advanced targeting pod designed with an infrared pointer, laser, day TV, forward looking infrared, laser spot tracker and advanced algorithms.
The launch customer was Venezuela, which employs Mirador with the same company's Flycatcher Mk 2 and upgraded Mk 1 radar fire control systems, Otobreda 40 mm gun mounts and Rafael Barak vertical-launch missiles.
The picture is further complicated by the fact that an Apache Longbow squadron could combine helicopters with the full Longbow radar fire control system and other non-radar equipped AH-64Ds with the Longbow Hellfire RF (Radio Frequency) guided missile taking targeting information from a Longbow radar fire control via modem.