radar fire

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gunfire aimed a target that is being tracked by radar

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In July 1948, laboratory personnel visited North American Aviation to discuss the possibility of mounting a pod-contained radar fire control system in an F-86.
The launch customer was Venezuela, which employs Mirador with the same company's Flycatcher Mk 2 and upgraded Mk 1 radar fire control systems, Otobreda 40 mm gun mounts and Rafael Barak vertical-launch missiles.
The picture is further complicated by the fact that an Apache Longbow squadron could combine helicopters with the full Longbow radar fire control system and other non-radar equipped AH-64Ds with the Longbow Hellfire RF (Radio Frequency) guided missile taking targeting information from a Longbow radar fire control via modem.
In this approach, the radio wave that radar fires is treated as a confined geometrical shape, such as a cone; the targets to be detected are modeled as a collection of polygons, bounding box or just scattering center for the sake of computational efficiency.
In this approach, the object to be detected is abstracted as a set of pre-defined Points of Shape Characteristics (PSC)illustrated in figure 2, the EM-wave radar fires is represented as a closed geometry created by an elliptic cone and a plane, and then the radar detection process is transformed into a problem to find out the PSC illuminated by the EM-wave, or radar beam.