radar echo

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an electronic signal that has been reflected back to the radar antenna

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Representing with characteristic prototypes the different objects to be recognized it is possible to detect them in each radar echo.
When the observation can be repeated with all 27 dishes taking part, says Muhleman, "we hope to be able to see effects in the radar echo that are due to some sort of coherence among the ring particles.
By the time the radar looked again, there was only the ``primary return,'' or ordinary radar echo.
Wideband AWG's are commonly used to test receiver and transmitter chains by simulating complex real-world scenarios, such as multiple radar echo returns cluttered by ground objects, rain, clouds and sea reflections.
otherwise only extremely high rain rates characteristic of more southerly climates cause this much radar echo.
The strong radar echo suggests that this crater in the northern lowlands is filled with ice, says Plaut.
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