radar echo

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an electronic signal that has been reflected back to the radar antenna

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For reasons of simplicity, and because we did not have easy access to the raw radar data for the whole United States over such a long period, we have chosen to build the radar echo climatology from existing mosaics.
Due to processing the radar echo in frequency domain, this method can fast reconstruct the 3D target image.
They also theoretically derive the micro-Doppler induced by vibration, rotation, precession and tumbling while simulating the radar echo of cone cylinder with precession by using the high frequency method [4, 5].
We observed clear indications of passerine involvement from the radar echo signatures of varying echo-strength typical of intermittent flight, a conclusion also supported by the low airspeeds measured in area C (cf.
This subsystem provides functions such as target recognition on a radar echo, search for determined targets in zones of radar echo (in a determined range of distance) and position of the telemetry mark.
The idea behind the latter was that if the metal foil was sandwiched between two sheets of paper, it could be disguised as a propaganda leaflet, and indeed it was found that a bundle of some 250 sheets produced a radar echo approximating to that of a Blenheim bomber.
This produces a bright radar echo called a broadside flash, which is easy to home in on.
By the time the radar looked again, there was only the ``primary return,'' or ordinary radar echo.
Rather than building a boat invisible to radar, however, the idea is to reduce the craft's radar echo sufficiently to make it easier to avoid, jam, or distract incoming antiship missiles, such as the infamous Exocet.
Wideband AWG's are commonly used to test receiver and transmitter chains by simulating complex real-world scenarios, such as multiple radar echo returns cluttered by ground objects, rain, clouds and sea reflections.
The soon-to-be-available innovative solutions range from analyzing radomes to generating multidimensional automotive radar echo environments.
Xia, 2015: Analysis of typhoon-tornado weather background and radar echo structure.
The final ISAR image of radar echo with subband data fusion can be generated by using 2-D FFT method, and improved ISAR images can be obtained.
A weather study conducted by the NTSB Meteorology Resource Specialist revealed the pilot penetrated an intense to extreme VIP level 5 to level 6 weather radar echo containing a thunderstorm.
The skies were empty of migrating birds, and only one radar echo was tracked during ten hours of radar surveillance time.
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