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the ball used in playing the game of racquetball

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a game played on a handball court with short-handled rackets

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The tennis tournament will last through Sunday, while the racquetball will end on Saturday.
His son, Robin, aged 17, is the number one racquetball player and number two squash player in his age group in the West Midlands.
All this success is quite impressive, especially when you consider this is only his third season of playing racquetball.
As if there were no challenge so great that an army of racquetball players putting in an hour every other week can't solve.
Racquetball is worthwhile exercise for those who are physically fit--and the ideal sport for those who want to be.
Played on a racquetball court (20 by 40 feet, walls 20 feet high) with a special net stretched across its width, wallyball combines the hitting, blocking, and jumping skills of volleyball with the quick handeye coordination of indoor court games.
The MonaVie Salt Lake City Pro/Am will feature the world's best racquetball players, including Kane Waselenchuk, Rocky Carson, Ben Croft and Jack Huczek, the number one through four ranked players in the world, respectively.
PHOENIX Squash Club have been flying high this year and one of their members, Jim Lord, soared to victory in the National Racquetball Championships.
In addition the community includes on premises tennis courts, state- of-the-art swimming pools, racquetball centers, and a magnificent clubhouse.
Although its popularity peaked in the day when players wore short-shorts, striped tube socks and wide headbands to hold back shaggy perms, racquetball is enjoying a bit of a comeback in the San Fernando Valley.
It's well documented that in order to maintain healthy bone density, it's necessary to engage in weight bearing activities such as running, racquetball, aerobics, and other forms of exercise where you remain on your feet.
Racquetball and other hardball sports were leading causes in this category.
OPEN Racquetball Championships, co-sponsored by Life Time Fitness, Inc.
The building will feature a swimming pool and high-diving board, competition and practice gyms, a dance studio, racquetball courts, a fitness center, and teaching and research labs.
In the early 1980s racquetball was all the rage, with a number of health clubs and raquetball centers sprouting up throughout the San Fernando Valley and elsewhere.