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Synonyms for raccoon

the fur of the North American racoon

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an omnivorous nocturnal mammal native to North America and Central America

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For those dealing with racoons, skunks, snakes and other large pests around their home, Family Pest Control can provide a solution
However Pete says some of the animals, such as marmoset monkeys and racoon dogs, are price on application - and that the team work very closely with anyone interested in buying them given the expertise needed in their care "There was a skunk wild up in Durham as someone had turfed it out," says Pete.
Heather said: "They bite and scratch because that's what racoons do.
Humans and animals have never seemed more similar, Meerkats, nod off when they're hungry and bored, racoons struggle with sibling rivalry, and one of the most enchanting images is the female elephant trying to lead her new born baby to water.
Squirrels, badgers, racoons, skunks and the like - they wisely hibernate in January.
ANIMAL lovers with a penchant for exotic pets could now cuddle up to sloths, racoons or even an emu after the Government relaxed regulations on owning wild animals.
As a result of climate change, zoo thefts and animal escapes, it is no longer uncommon to see wild animals such as panthers, leopards, snakes and racoons in the UK, experts claim.
The campaign classified consumers of as a type of animal - Dolphins, Racoons, Canaries and Panthers - when selecting their monthly tariffs and was originally scheduled to run until the end of 2006.
Last year, wild animal rehabilitators saved more than 80,000 animals statewide, including bobcats, skunks, opossums, racoons, wild mice and pack rats, Cummins said.
Even in the most urban environments of Toronto, children were eager to share their discoveries of foxes, racoons, squirrels, worms, blue jays, warblers and dozens of other species.
We went back out to see what had happened and figured it had to be racoons.
That way, racoons and other fruit eaters will be drawn to the plump, eye-catching tomatoes.
Steve Lucock, of Blyth in Northumberland, has racoons, a skunk, and foxes in his home.
She also has a menagerie of two racoons, four meerkats, two prairie dogs, a bearded dragon, two hedgehogs and a dog at her crowded Chester-field home.
RACOONS introduced by the Nazis have officially occupied Germany after experts admitted they are there to stay.