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an extortionate rent

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A rack rent, therefore, was a high, level rent, unlike earlier forms (mainly beneficial leases and copyholds) that had the tenant pay a large lump sum followed by a nominal rent and, perhaps, feudal services in money, labor or kind.
Although some retailers pay a guaranteed minimum rent, this is much lower than the 80 per cent of rack rent often paid on turnover rents in shopping centres.
To date 32 of the units have been occupied by way of either premium or rack rent leases at very competitive rates and we are continuing to receive strong interest in the last remaining units which comprise 1200 and 1335 sq ft.
In most rack rent leases the tenant is obliged to pay rent and service charge (plus VAT where appropriate) in MODERN UNITS TO LET Ind.
Well, there are many experienced operators in the North East and North West, in cities, towns and villages whose businesses are performing extremely well and some of those are leaseholders who are paying high rack rents.