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a wheel gear (the pinion) meshes with a toothed rack

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In fact, part numbers have increased at a faster rate than vehicle models due to the multiple applications of rack and pinion steering gears per vehicle model.
The variable ratio rack and pinion steering technology developed by Bishop, whose North American facility is located in Indianapolis, IN, offers a number of driver performance benefits:
s more than $477 million in previously booked business for 2002 production models for which Delphi supplies Toyota its steering columns and indirectly supplies manual rack and pinion steering gears for electric power steering.
We have a unique narrow rack and pinion design to meet our requirements for a narrow footprint machine.
Contech is the global leader in one-piece rack and pinion housings and this contract highlights our expanding presence in value added engineered casting solutions.
The Power Rack and Pinion Steering Gear hydraulically reduces steering effort at slower speeds and during parking maneuvers.
The aluminum rack and pinion actuators provide a double-stroke adjustment of +/- 5 degrees and are available in quarter turn and special 180 degree units.
Choose from a heavy-duty quarter-turn directional handle, a Swagelok rack and pinion pneumatic actuator, or an ISO 5211-compliant rack and pinion pneumatic actuator.
Featuring a rack and pinion design made of welded steel construction, there are no breakable plastic, aluminum parts or pop rivets that can loosen or come out over time.
The state-of-art liftboat offers a useable deck space of approximately 11,000 square feet, can accommodate 50 people, utilizes a Seatrax hydraulic rack and pinion elevating system, is equipped with a helipad, and two 175-tom Seatrax cranes mounted around the forward leg towards.
Featuring the same rack and pinion design and welded steel construction Auton's lifts are known for, there are no breakable plastic or aluminum parts or pop rivets that can loosen or come out over time.
The state-of-the-art liftboat offers a useable deck space of 10,000 square feet, can accommodate 52 people, utilizes a SeaTrax hydraulic rack and pinion elevating system and is equipped with the largest tandem crane capacity of any liftboat with two 175-ton SeaTrax cranes mounted around the forward leg towers.
The catalog lists over 2,500 domestic and import applications for steering and suspension products including ball joints, tie rod ends, idler/pitman arms, bushings, sway bar links and rack and pinion.
NYSE:TRW) has made a further step in its bid to become the leading provider of chassis systems to the global aftermarket by launching a remanufactured rack and pinion program to the North American independent aftermarket under its AUTOSPECIALTY brand.
Tenders are invited for Fabrication of EN Type Rack and pinion system.