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Synonyms for racism

Synonyms for racism

the prejudice that members of one race are intrinsically superior to members of other races

discriminatory or abusive behavior towards members of another race

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Indeed, such contemporary racism is, as Barker argues, masked in racially neutral language and rearticulated to make it more acceptable in public discourse.
Philomena Essed also argues that the micro forms of racism have their origin in the macro forms; in other words, it is the inherent structural inequalities and historical processes that have led to the micro forms of racism.
It is important to recognize that everyday racism cannot simply be reduced to a singular event.
Maybe I Do Something Wrong": Young Refugees' Conceptualization of Racism
Given that hermeneutics presumes that individuals bring a body of prior knowledge to new situations, it was important to understand how adolescent refugees conceptualized racism.
This statement is perhaps an excellent example of a "lesser" form of racism (assuming that there are even "degrees" of racism).
Similarly, the three African youth interviewed for this research conceptualized racism in terms of their skin colour.
Another interesting problem with conceptualizing racism stemmed from the fact that two respondents had difficulty understanding the term.
While they were unable to conceptualize racism, the negative effect it has had on them was nonetheless compelling:
as for you, you said racism right [nervous laugh] .
For his sister, however, her experience with racism was reflected through her nationality, which she recognized as making her different.
I Don't Like Blacks": Young Refugees' Experience with Racism