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Of course, yacht racing is an organized pastime, a function of social idleness ministering to the vanity of certain wealthy inhabitants of these isles nearly as much as to their inborn love of the sea.
Therefore I have read with profound regret, in that article upon the yachting season of a certain year, that the seamanship on board racing yachts is not now what it used to be only a few, very few, years ago.
His contention is that racing, without time allowances for anything else but tonnage - that is, for size - has fostered the fine art of sailing to the pitch of perfection.
A moment later the sleek, black bodies were racing along the river path, up-stream, toward the east.
One dory was smashed to pieces, and the sea pitched the man head first on to the decks, cutting his forehead open; and about dawn, when the racing seas glimmered white all along their cold edges, another man, blue and ghastly, crawled in with a broken hand, asking news of his brother.
The "We're Here" was racing neck and neck for her last few loads against the "Parry Norman"; and so close was the struggle that the Fleet took sides and betted tobacco.
Disko kept them busy fiddling with the sails; and when those were flattened like a racing yacht's, Dan had to wait on the big topsail, which was put over by hand every time she went about.
Above them screamed the little monkeys, racing hither and thither in a frenzy of hysterical excitement.
I did know it; but here we were with our drill racing in pure air, and copious volumes of it pouring into the cabin.
At length he spied a dangling creeper about the bigness of one's wrist, and when I reached the trees he was racing madly up it, hand over hand.
The last Tarzan saw of them they were racing toward the jungle, while their former masters knelt upon the ground and fired at them.
Tarzan was too intelligent to be caught in any such trap, and so the report of his shot had scarcely died away before the ape-man was on the ground and racing for another tree a hundred yards away.
Nevertheless, I stole furtive glances behind me now and then to see that no avenging mate, older and bigger than my quarry, was racing up from the rear.
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OTC:RRCG) announced the signing of NASCAR and stockcar superstar, Bobby Allison, to "Reality Racing - The Rookie Challenge," the new reality TV show that gives total amateurs a shot at a racing contract with a sanctioned NASCAR racing team.