racing shell

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a very light narrow racing boat

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CUTLINE: Barbara Donahue pours champagne over the racing shell her family donated to St.
He said he has measured each stroke style by strapping an accelerometer to a racing shell and found that the Pocock could actually generate higher speeds than the West German.
It also tells the story of Tynesiders like the Geordie rowing hero Harry Clasper, Matt Taylor and Bob Bagnall who revolutionized the design and construction of racing shells.
Sturges is president of CEO of Resolute Racing Shells of Bristol, R.
Race organizers request power boaters avoid the lake during the regatta, as wake from those boats can create hazards for racing shells.
Then there are the fast, lean racing shells (like the one Smith rows) for cruising calm, flat water on lakes, wide rivers, and creeks.
At Princeton, we gathered on a bridge over a lovely large lake full of ducks and geese and racing shells.
17 /PRNewswire/ -- Local rowers led by Seattle Parks and Recreation's Green Lake Crew, Everett's Pocock Racing Shells and Fred Meyer Stores have stepped-up with donations of rowing shells, oars, equipment and cash to help the Vancouver Lake Rowing Club get back on the water after a rare tornado reduced their 50 rowing shells to splinters on Thursday.
The Green Lake program and Pocock Racing Shells initiated the relief effort by working together to deliver a four-oared rowing shell, set of 10 racing oars and two "cox box" speakers systems used by the coxswain to communicate with rowers.
Stronger, wider, and more stable than traditional racing shells, these fiberglass boats are a synthesis of new materials, design concepts, and construction techniques.
The Donahue family has donated to the town in various ways, including the purchase of a hovercraft that can be used by safety officials on Lake Quinsigamond, an exercise room for the Fire Department, and, perhaps most notably, the Donahue Rowing Center, where more than 150 racing shells from area high schools and colleges are stored.