racial segregation

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segregation by race

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Through a much-needed multidisciplinary analysis of segregation and integration, the essays presented critically address the problematic nature of utilizing colorblind discourse to address enduring racial segregation and racism," wrote Sarah Diem, PhD, assistant professor, educational leadership and analysis, faculty affiliate, Harry S.
The practice, the fair housing group plausibly argues, had the pejorative effect of "perpetuating racial segregation," denying minority families access to affordable housing in communities where they might send their children to higher-quality schools and find better employment opportunities.
With its central theme of racial segregation, Hairspray also calls for a number of black performers and West End are looking to recruit a number of talented dancers, singers and actors to portray these roles.
In addition to discussing some of the major characters, the contributors discuss a number of issues such as property and citizenship rights, racial segregation, violence, the law's confirmation of racial inferiority, slavery, and culture.
Wading into a fierce debate about the legacy in the country of enforced racial segregation under white minority rule, De Klerk's foundation also warned that such statements only rekindle unnecessary racial acrimony.
A US civil rights pioneer who defied racial segregation in Alabama in the 1960s has died.
Groups have alleged racial segregation at Bank of America Corp (NYSE: BAC).
The new neighborhood to be called "Kidmat Zion" lies between the East Jerusalem towns of Abu Dis and Jabal Mukkkabr, close to the racial segregation wall.
It highlights the complexities of the ideology of racial segregation under apartheid and how it contaminated the life and mission of the church.
BOSTON: A North Carolina school board member who fought redistricting plans because of racial segregation concerns and a Google executive who launched a Facebook page that sparked protests in Egypt were given the annual John F.
1956: US court victory for black students The United States Supreme Court upholds a ban on racial segregation in state schools, colleges and universities.
The study intended to report on, among other things, levels of racial segregation in charter schools across the United States.
Born into an era when racial segregation pervaded, he dreamed of attending college; through hard work, perseverance, and the unexpected generosity of a stranger he achieved his dream and much more.
Although a free African American, Johnson lived in an age when racial segregation and prejudice were commonplace.
In Forced to Fail, Stephen Caldas and Carl Bankston trace the long legal history of racial segregation and desegregation in America, explaining how rapidly changing demographics and family structures in the United States have greatly complicated the project of top-down government efforts to achieve an ideal racial balance in schools.